Army Boy Jerks Off in the Toilet

Guys, army boy jerks off in the toilet for today. I like how he tastes his own cum :D

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Asian Guy Caught Jerking Off (Spy)

Guys, I don’t post many spycam stuff but got a clip of an sian boy getting caught wanking in the shower for today.

Thanks Shane for sharing this clip.

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Four Horny Army Boys Jerks Off in the Toilet

Hi there! Got a clip of 4 Asian army boys jerking off in the toilet for today. The first one looks similar to the first guy in the clip I post here..maybe same person. Wonder if the guy who filmed this has been caught already lol

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Korean Guys in Public Bath

Guys, got this clip from Lan during the weekend. Looks like its a spycam in a Korean public bath?

Thanks Lan for sharing.

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Korean Muscle Man in the Shower

Hi there! Got a clip of a muscular Korean guy in a shower for today..looks like its some sort of spy cam? No hardon but he looks hot though (body).

If you think spy cam is unethical, please skip this post and make sure you dont watch it ;)

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Asian Guys – Bathroom Spycam

Hi there! How are you? Happy Valentine’s day!

Bew just sent me these spycam pics asking me to share them on Only Asian Boys.

Thanks Bew for sharing :)

McFish Loves Asian Boys