Pinoy Actor Kristoffer King

Hi there! I don’t usually do this but one of Only Asian Boys’ visitors (will call him Mr A) who is a huge fan of this Pinoy actor Kristoffer King, asked me to post his photos and a trailer from his new movie.

The photos are pretty old. I already posted some before, actually before I even knew his name lol Mr A said this guy won Cinemalaya Best Actor for 2012 and is now in a movie called Indayog…Sayaw ng
buhay (what does it mean?). You can watch a teaser below the photos. Here is the link to facebook of that movie. Is he famous in the Philippines?

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Thai Celeb : Boy Strikerz & His Webcam shots

Hi there! Got a Thai celebrity Boy Strikerz (AKA Boy Piya) for today. I think he was a singer in a band called Strikerz. He’s back doing a sexy photoshoot for a magazine. His body is much better now.

The last pic is the shots from his webcam. I saw these shots many many years ago and since he’s back, I better post them.

Nothing that exciting, just a celebrity’s penis lol Actually I dont think he’s that famous.

*addition* I have never seen the clip so please dont expect it :D If you happen to have it, please let me know. Thanks

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Hayden Leung Video

Hi there! Second update for today. Over half a year ago I posted a clip of this Asian actor Hayden Leung. Here is another clip of him sent to me by someone who want to remain anonymous. I actually got this video when I was on a holiday during xmas and totally forgot about it lol Unfortunately there is no cumshot in this one.

It’s a bit late but thanks to the person sending this clip to me :D

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Loo Zihan Performance – Cane 2012

Hi there! How are you? You might remember this Singaporean actor Loo Zihan from the movie Pleasure Factory I posted long time ago.

This is his latest performance I think. It is called Cane. Click here to watch the video on his site. He made it available to public. If you watch the video on that site, you have to wait until its fully downloaded. You cant really skip or it will start again. The nudity is from around 50 minutes.

To be honest, I’m not an art person so I dont really how good it is. I just like watching naked people lol so I can’t really comment on it. He doesn’t look very attractive there. I thought he looked sort of cute in PleasureFactory.


Aki Komatsu By Leslie Kee

Hi there! How are you? I just got email from Only Asian Boys’ regular visitor Mr Mario. He sent me these photos of a Japanese model Aki Komatsu, taken by a famous photo grapher Leslie Kee.

You guys might know his nude ‘super stars’ photobook for charity. envy! He got to shoot a lot of male stars around asia NUDE!. However, I dont really know of this Japanese model Aki Komatsu.

Thanks Mario for sharing.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Sirimongkol Singwancha – Nude Boxer

Hi guys! How are you? This set is quite old. I think I first saw it about 5 or 6 years ago. This guy’s name is Sirimongkol Singwancha. He’s not super good looking but what is interesting is he was a boxer… used to be well known in Thailand since he earned some sort of world championship title.

Mario sent me some pics of him and that reminded me that I have more pics in my harddisk. Thanks Mario.

I remember the story my friend told me about this guy. Because he was famous, the story was big. Not sure if he got arrested since doing nude magazine in Thailand is illegal (there seem to be lots of them lol) He said he was tricked. It was supposed to be underwear/swimwear shoot but the photographer asked him to go naked and promised him these pics wouldnt be released.. LOL I’m not sure if I believe this.

I guess it was all about $$$. I saw a lot of Thai boxers on nude magazine and looks like most of them had financial problem..

God It’s been a while since I wrote this long.

McFish Loves Asian Boys