Asian Guy With Big Dick Jerks Off on Cam

Guys, a clip of big dicked Asian guy jerking off on cam. Korean looks like from KissMe.

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Two Thai Guys Hmm

Guys, got two Thai guys in behind the scene clip for today. The fucking part is fake making a whole thing look rather funny LOL

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Big Dicked Korean Guy Cums

Guys, posted a couple of clips of this guy before and here is another one. Got the clip from long time Only Asian Boys’ fan Shane. Thanks for sharing.

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Andrew’s Boyhole Can Take Big Asian Dick

You’ve gotta love gay Asian boys that can enthusiastically take a big Asian cock up their ass. That’s why I always enjoy watching gay Pinoy boy, Andrew. He fucks really well. Actually, he hasn’t been around in videos of late so I’m glad to see him back in this video, getting bareback fucked by Arjo after warming up with some sucking and rimming. There’s lots of close ups of Arjo’s long dick jack hammering into Andrew’s boyhole but I wish the camera would zoom out more as I like to see all of the boy taking it. We do when Andrew gets into the reverse cowgirl poz, one of my favorite gay porn fuck positions to watch.

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Two Asian Guys

Two Asian guys for today. You might recognize that one with big cock as I posted a couple of his videos before. Looks like fake fuck again?? lol

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Shinji Wants His Japanese Cock Milked

Asian boys’ nipples. I think they’re sexy. Actually, I have many quirky, ‘sexy’ body parts on gay Asian boys’ bodies that turn me on eg armpits, the back of the neck and belly-buttons and just below them. You must have favorite sexy parts too? Anyway, in this video featuring gay Japanese boys Shinji (who wants to be jacked off) and Yura (who derives a distinct pleasure in doing so), Yura heads for Shinji’s nipples first before he begins working on his cock with his mouth and his hands. All the pleasuring of the penis lets Shinji’s pre-cum flow, adding to the sense of excitement before the inevitable cum explosion.

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