Asian Guys in Marcuse Underwear

Guys, last time I posted some photos of Asian guys wearing Marcuse swimwear here. I found some more photos from the same photographer and same brand Marcuse but its underwear this time. The underwear is called Bounce lol Looking at the photo below (Caucasian model), I think I know how it got its name. lol

I dont know these models except the last one Eric East :D If you don’t know him, check out the gay Asian porn section. He was in a few videos.

Photographer: West Phillips Underwear by Marcuse

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Random Asian Guys in Swimwear & Underwear

Hi there! How are you doing? Got some random Asian Guys in Swimwear & Underwear for today.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Guys in Undies

Hi there! How are you doing? Got some Asian guys in undies looking quite sexy for today…just need a bit of imagination.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! It’s my first weekend in this new city so I’m going to enjoy it. I actually found Melbourne has quality not quantity like in Sydney.. Asian guys I mean ;) Seems to be a lot of good looking Asian guys around here!


Asian Guys in Underwear

Hi there! How are you doing? Take a little break from full frontal with these Asian guys in Underwear for today.

I’m extremely busy right now as I’m leaving for Thailand and Laos this weekend and havent started adding any scheduled updates to Only Asian Boys yet lol Will do my best!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Some Hot Underwear Asian Models

Hi there! How are you? I haven’t posted underwear models for a while here are some hot ones for today :)

Have a great day!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Sexy Asian Guy in the Shower

Hi there.. I just enabled the voting system again and there are some people trying to abuse it by voting many times with the lowest score for a lot of posts. I added the voting system so I know what my visitors like….but unfortunately there are some idiots trying to abuse it. I have corrected the stats so they should look normal now.

There are 2 IPs from Thailand, 1 from Cambodia and one from Vietnam doing this so I have to block some IP ranges from those countries. I know IPs can be changed especially if they use software/bots to abuse the voting system but seriously I keep getting spam attack from those countries too…sick of it. It took me time to correct those stats too. Unfortunately the voting plugin I use isn’t that good at protecting this.

Anyway I have a sexy Asian guy with a nice body in a shower for today. Actually I posted a few pics of him ages ago.

Hope you all start the new week well.

Mcfish Loves Asian Boys