Male Beauty Contest

Asian Manhunt 2012

Hi there! How are you? Got some pics of Asian guys in Manhunt 2012 for today. It is being held in Thailand

My favorites are Indonesia, Thailand & Philippines. (Im sure you all like Mr Indonesia photo :D)

Official photos by Haruehun Airry.

**** UPDATE Mr Philippines won the title! :)

1. Mr Manhunt Thailand

2. Mr Manhunt Indonesia

3. Mr Manhunt Malaysia

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Some Asian Bodybuilders

Hi there! How are you? I dont usually like body builder because they are too big for my taste (I dont mind if some of you are going to call me rude from saying this. Just post in the comment and no need to send email)

However these guys aren’t too big and I quite like them… ok its no 22 for me :D you guys can take the rest!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Scheduled Asian Bodybuilder

Hi there! This is a scheduled post as I will be away for this long weekend. These are some Asian bodybuilders..well not really my niche but some of you might like the muscles!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

William Chak Wins Me Hong Kong 2010

Hi there! How are you? William Chak is the winner of Mr Hong Kong 2010. Here is the top 10 finalists I posted before

He is my second favorite after No 4 and I told you before I would bet on these two.

William Chak also wins Mr. Vitality, Mr. Charming, The Most Fans Following Award, Travel Ambassador Award… Well 5 awards in total.

Good job :)

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Mr Hong Kong Top 10 Finalists

Hi there…I got these pics a while ago but forgot all about them. These are top 10 finalists for Mr Hong Kong 2010. The final will be held some time this month.. I think around 21 August. To be honest, I dont really like this year.

Here is my honest opinion.. Please note that I saw other pics of these guys too.

No1 Cristiano Chan – This one is good… ok face, nice body but still not my cup of tea.

No 2 Li Yangong – sort of cute face but too skinny

No 3 Nicholas Ooi – LOL at this one. I wont give any comment coz I will be a bit mean.

No 4 Angus Ip – I think this guy is the best. Sexy tanned skin, hot muscular body, and nice face too. He looks a bit short though but I still like this one best.

No 5 Ronan Pak – Dont like both his face and body…hes so average.

No 6 Michael Cheng – LMAO at this one. I wont give any comment or I will be super mean.

No 7 Sam Hui – In some other pics, this guy looks so weird (and scary).. I will pass

No 8 Summer Lau – This one looks alright…think hes average.

No 9 Argus Ip – This one too is average.

No 10 William Chak – This one I think is the second best. Seen him in other pics and think hes quite handsome plus a good body (even if it looks a little strange)

I’d bet on No4 and No 10 with No 1 coming up.

What do you think??

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Male Beauty Contest

Hi ya! How are you doing? Micky just sent me all these pics and said he wanted to share. Looks like it is sort of male beauty contest in the Philippines…well it is a very interesting one :D I think they dont even do this type of thing in Thailand except in Go go bar where they do fuck shows.. And they dont even allow to take photos. Think my next holiday might be the Philippines :D

McFish Loves Asian Boys