What happened there?

There is only 1 photo in this post but can anybody tell me whats going on there?? lol

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Guys Playing

Hi there! How are you? Got a lot of Asian guys playing with their friends for today.

Most of them are Japanese & Chinese I think.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Party

Hi there,
I have seen these photos a while ago but only a few of them. I finally found some more pics and its time to post.

Looks like a fun dinner party ;)

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Dont know what the are doing but looks fun II

Hi there! Continue from yesterday with more pics :D Hope you like them.

Anyway just wanna let you know that I found one site who collected the pics/videos from Only Asian Boys and some other sites and charge people for membership. I dont mind if someone takes the pics, publish and may give a bit of credit. But making people pay is unacceptable. I feel sorry for those people who pay to see something that they can find for free. I wont mention the name of the site but if you come across it, you will know straight away.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Sport Can Be Fun

Hi there…don’t you think sport can be fun??

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Boys Playing

Hi there….time for some non nude photos of Asian guys… I don’t know why but it is sometimes hot to see these Asian guys just playing :D

Have a good day!

McFish Loves Asian Boys