Thai Guy From Mag

Hi there! Got a Thai guy from a magazine for today… unfortunately I only have 3 pics from Shane… will see if I can get more :)

Thanks Shane for sharing!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Thai Guy From Mag, 8.4 out of 10 based on 9 ratings


  1. Chaka, panget, ugly! I have no hesitate it to flash him in toilet bowl! LOL

  2. @Pnoy: ugly is a too strong opinion.
    Maybe he is for you and me not a sexy boy,
    but a nice personality can change the whole perception of the guy. But we don’t know him.

  3. He has dreamy eyes, a nice body and a decent-sized dick – what more could you want?

  4. @Neil. maybe, but that is not enough for making me wild. I would pass him in the street without a glimpse.

  5. Mario Lopez MARIO LOPEZ says:

    oH WOW!!!!!
    I fantasizes that DICK!!!!!

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