Long Asian Dick

Hi there..just got these pics from Lulla and think that Asian dick is quite long…not that thick but very long :P

Enjoy and have a lovely day

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Long Asian Dick, 8.7 out of 10 based on 13 ratings


  1. it’s long…like just long,
    no definition on the shaft, still yummy though

  2. That’s the longest I’ve ever seen on an Asian guy. Great!!

  3. “Did you get my fax? Yes, it said ‘I want to sit on that giant cock of yours’.”
    I any man working in the office naked! :)

  4. anonymous says:

    Wow, Long Dick!. XD

  5. anonymous says:

    His dick is very Yummy. :P
    Is there any free taste?

  6. Buthisface though…:/

  7. mancouver says:

    Wow…nice cock. Would love for him to fuck me for hours

  8. oh!!! Its really very long!,… I thnk hes chinese!m,…. Can weh hav a demoh together??!haha

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