Asian Guy Jerks Off

Guys, posted a clip of this guy before (the bad hair one). Here is another clip. He quite enjoys playing with his hole :D



  1. doc_strange says:

    Thanks McFish for this cute hunk who loves to finger himself

  2. Great sexy hot body, especially his hairy butt and hole, suckable cock, sexy feet and legs, love it, thanks!

  3. jessy_nico says:

    so hottt

  4. nice lips…and tongue..

  5. too much hair for me lol

  6. i-am-a-boy says:

    hot vid! thanks for the upload

  7. Lush and lewd!

  8. Normally Asian guys are smooth. Furry for a change is good. Thanks McFish.

  9. always wanting says:

    Even with the no-so-nice hairdo, he looks cute.

  10. All the back door would turn me away

  11. I mean, back door hair

  12. Lord of the Ass says:

    Damn….that sweet, beautiful nasty asshole….it drives me wild and makes my dick throb. Especially his luscious and luxurious hairy crack, which I would rub my dick in….beautiful, just fucking beautiful.

    Without doubt, I’d totally destroy his asshole, everyday….day and night. He should be fucked in the ass around the clock…fucked HARD, DEEP and RELENTLESSLY. He’s the total package, face, feet, ass…everything.

  13. techtech says:

    love this guy!

  14. qiaofagreen says:


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