1. anonymous says

    Can I have another round with yesterday’s Thai model. Memories of him still strongly lingers in me. Most especially his hairy ass, big dick, nice face, beautiful body, juicy cum, etc., etc., I will save tho today’s model for tomorrow or when the picking is thin and lean.

  2. Litouch says

    This is a beautiful uncut cock. Thanks for shaing I love the moaning and native language …….which I’m not beginng to understand

  3. tomtan says

    What hot straight guy. He kept bringing his dick so close to the cam that I could Almost smell it. BTW, he is Chinese…

  4. The Black Prince says

    I really like this guy too, he is so handsome, someone to fantasize about being with. His face is very attractive too and those constant close-ups of his dick, well you can’t deny his dick isn’t beautiful, it’s just perfect!

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