Julian Kiano Beefy Asian Guy

Hi there! How are you? I’ve got a beefy Asian guy for today. His name is Julian Kiano..He’s a little too big for my taste. He actually looks much better when smaller. I have seen some pics when he wasnt this big and thought he was hot.

Also I think he became a porn star on one site too…

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Julian Kiano Beefy Asian Guy, 8.2 out of 10 based on 19 ratings
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  1. too muscular.

  2. His h0t and big dick. . .love it! M0re, m0re, m0re of him pls lolz

  3. emm… “porn star on one site…” what site oo..??
    kekeke…. wan c more of him…

  4. His to big for me.i don’t like this guy bcoz to muscular for me. Sorry to say that.

  5. I want to sleep with him. He’s hot!

  6. I found some vids of him in http://kewlshare.com/dl/5c7649cf300e/Julian_kiano.rar.html. This is not my upload.

  7. love it…..

  8. I like to rub his hard, & suck his hard.
    his cock is yummy!

  9. He is on UKNAKEDMEN

  10. He really looked better before…I met him a few times six years ago….great guy…smart and really nice. A pity I lost touch with him.

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