Julian Kiano Beefy Asian Guy

Hi there! How are you? I’ve got a beefy Asian guy for today. His name is Julian Kiano..He’s a little too big for my taste. He actually looks much better when smaller. I have seen some pics when he wasnt this big and thought he was hot.

Also I think he became a porn star on one site too…

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Julian Kiano Beefy Asian Guy, 8.2 out of 10 based on 19 ratings


  1. too muscular.

  2. His h0t and big dick. . .love it! M0re, m0re, m0re of him pls lolz

  3. emm… “porn star on one site…” what site oo..??
    kekeke…. wan c more of him…

  4. His to big for me.i don’t like this guy bcoz to muscular for me. Sorry to say that.

  5. I want to sleep with him. He’s hot!

  6. I found some vids of him in http://kewlshare.com/dl/5c7649cf300e/Julian_kiano.rar.html. This is not my upload.

  7. love it…..

  8. I like to rub his hard, & suck his hard.
    his cock is yummy!

  9. He is on UKNAKEDMEN

  10. He really looked better before…I met him a few times six years ago….great guy…smart and really nice. A pity I lost touch with him.

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