Big Dick Asian Boy

Hi there! How are you? Sorry again about the server. It went down again for 12 hours :(

Anyway I’ve got these pics from Lloyd a while ago… Thanks Lloyd for sharing.

This guy has a HUGE dick….He doesnt look 100% Asian to me though.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Big Dick Asian Boy, 8.6 out of 10 based on 36 ratings


  1. KEN says

    He’s not circumcised. His bedroom fixtures are from IKEA. He’s fond of books, there are lots of it under his bedside table. He’s fair skinned.


    He’s not Pinoy. Guys from the Philippines are circumcised. IKEA fixtures are not that popular in the country and he’s too fair to be a Filipino. He’s probably a Singaporean, Malay or an HK guy.

    • KEN says

      if there are guys that are uncircumcised in the Philippines, they are most likely chinese.. both Muslims and Christian (both Protestants and Catholics) “should be” circumcised. If they are not, they will labeled as faggy or probably they’re “tranny”!!!

  2. Christopher says

    I don’t know about Muslims, but Christians, in particular Catholics, should NOT be circumsized. That was settled in the New Testament–read Acts. They MAY be circumsized, as most Americans of my generation were, because doctors simply like doing as much stuff to us as possible (they also take tonsils out at the drop of a hat, and extract wisdom teeth for no reason, etc. etc.) but there is not religious reason why a Catholic should be circumsized. Pinoys may be for cultural reasons.

    As for the guy, how can you even tell whether he’s cut or not when he’s hard?

    He’s fucking hot.

    I would join in speculating about his national origin if he would take the sunglasses off in at least one picture.

  3. choco says

    i’ve ever seen his video masturbation on youtube, does anyone know the url, coz mine is lost.

    McFish, could u find it please…

  4. Anonymous says

    fuckin hot.. still got a hard on… confirmed he’s pinoy. he have pictorials with one of the top photographer here in manila.

  5. theo says

    He shoots to hell the widespread assumption about Asian cock. But so what? As for me, I love Asians regardless of size.

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