Thai Model Ken Wanks II

Guys, second part of the video I posted yesterday..with cumshot :D Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Thai Model Ken Wanks II, 7.0 out of 10 based on 168 ratings
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Rating: 7.0/10 (168 votes cast)


  1. villamags09villamags09 says:


  2. I’ve been waiting all night for this moment!

  3. doc_strange says:

    This gorgeous boy cums loads

  4. Too hot to handle!!!

  5. How I wish I was in Thailand…

  6. He has very beautiful eyes n lovely smiles..thank you mcfish!


  8. He is exceptional WOW
    HE CAN MAKE ME WANK FOR3 days w/out cumming….

  9. He is one of my favourite models in the Thai magazines!

  10. nice one!!! great shoot lol

  11. hottest

  12. handsome thanks

  13. :-) :-) :-) :-D:-D:-D <3

  14. omg…still sexy

  15. Look so handsome

  16. 초대코드 어떻게받나요? ㅠㅠ i want invitation code..ㅠ.ㅠ plzplz. Plz~~~please..

  17. hot cock, lovely pubes, beautiful man

  18. I so like this guy – thanks for sharing

  19. Very manly, good-looking, exotic face and cock…

  20. I had the best orgasm since watching this guy…wow!!

  21. notsowiseonenotsowiseone says:

    OMG that was friggin hot,<3<3

  22. love !

  23. love this guy!

  24. What a beautiful Thai man!

  25. hottie! burning

  26. Finally got to his juice !!!!

    Thanks McFish c”,)

  27. taiwaneseboy19taiwaneseboy19 says:

    smothty body and baby face

  28. so hot…sexy guy…thank you for share……………….

  29. so hot!!!

  30. wow!

  31. hot pubes and dick!!!!

  32. so handsome & hot

  33. such a cutie! ;D

    thanks mcfish!

  34. so hott! such a gorgeous face!

  35. so sexy ! thanks ;D

  36. nice handsome guy!

  37. ayokuzone3 says:


  38. coffee mate says:

    big dick….I like it…

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