[S] Thai Model Jerks Off & Cums

Guys, here is a second part of a Thai model I posted a couple of days ago.

Enjoy the cumshot and have a great weekend.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Nice cum-show..

    ☺ ☂hâϞKs ☺ McFish..

  2. Really hot! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The best so far. Thanks.

  4. may not seemed as attractive…but he surely has an easy air….love him & thanks McFish..good week end ahead!

  5. I’ve been for this, and I love it. Thanks much.

  6. tele_arman says:

    nomero uno

  7. nice… love him.

  8. lovely.

  9. nice cumshot! :D

  10. Great performance………… thanks McFish

  11. so hot… he is my type…. amazing

  12. He’s so hot, and yummy

  13. A nice treat to end the week – thanks McFish

  14. hot ejaculates!!!

  15. He could shoot me with his lovegun from a mile….we got a shooter ryt here guyz….lol

  16. McFish you are my BLUE STAR ….. whenever things are not going that right, I just switch into OAB and it gives me consolation, a helping hand to go through the day. I don’t know for sure how many your followers feel the same as I do, but for effort and perseverance, you certainly deserve accolade even greater than Sydney bridge ……. McFish, you rock !!!

  17. whatswithangelo says:

    i want him to cum in my mouth… yummy…

  18. Nice

  19. nice skin…

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  20. coffee mate says:

    so cool…..thank you for share…………

  21. Body: 8 Face: 4….just sayin…

  22. Hmm hot body :p , i like the cumshot :3

  23. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    nice body andbody

  24. falconbird says:

    I love when You up vidéo with cum !!!! Great job mcfish

  25. thanks! so hot!

  26. nadinelockheart nadinelockheart says:

    better. thnks mcfish

  27. Nice bod and really hot.

  28. qiaofagreen says:

    Thanks again Mr McFish for this great vid which I’ve been waiting for sooooo long! :)

  29. Keloh123456 says:

    wow! nice.

  30. Love everything about him. I want to suck every inch of his body and have him fuck my face and cum in my mouth. This is one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen. I love Only Asian Boys!

  31. sleepy_zzz says:

    loving it..
    any more of him?

  32. luv that jiz

  33. big thanks!!!

  34. i like this model alot..his body is so sexy…thanks.

  35. hot!

  36. gosh…real treat

  37. omg, my handsome boy, i can’t wait to see he jerking off in front on myself, was so amazing, perfect and of course awesome

  38. Well, that was just awesome! Thanks for posting!

  39. WOW!!! He is my idea of an Asian MAN! WOOF.

  40. I agree with Jase’ comments above ~ this guy is perfect in every way ~ love everything about him and his beautiful smile makes me want to melt into his arms and kiss his sweet lips ~ mmmh ~ if only dreams come true

  41. A perfect example of why I prefer asian men. I would love to explore every inchy of his body with my eyes, hands, lips and tongue. Thanks McFish

  42. One of the hottest models ever. Thanks for the posting

  43. doc_strange says:

    This guy is gorgeous. Thanks for the cum shots McFish

  44. Thanks McFish. This guy is perfect. A lovely spicimen of Asian manhood. Could I apply for registration. Your blog is super. Thanks

  45. Great body and great smile!

  46. Thanks. He is my “Cai”…

  47. my first reaction upon seeing him is “wow what a man!” he looks like an Asian mix…..very very nice. alllll boy

  48. so hot!! i really want o join onlyasianboys,can u send me an invitation

  49. i am a big fan of yours..,, let me view your videos please.. send me verification ode.. thank you so much..

  50. i mean an invitation code.. so i can register.. thanks

  51. nice

  52. love it! thank you so much.

  53. gabriel7272 says:

    he is damn hot!

  54. aonoexorcist aonoexorcist says:

    so Hot *drools

  55. this boy is so nice body and good looking, may I ask a question, how can I get a invitation code?
    thank you

  56. So hot.

  57. Indochine88 says:

    He’s cute and hot!

  58. like his body

  59. Sluuurp

  60. Very nice body and I like his cum

  61. i came twice to this vid! im gonne cum later haha!

  62. asianhunk_69 says:

    He’s actually handsome!

    And as I said in my previous comment, he’s so game.

    Thanks, McFish!

  63. mattdegzman says:

    I’m gonna cum with him

  64. hotsourmilk00 says:

    wow i wanna meet him in person… droooling Thanks, McFish!

  65. He is perfectly HOT!!!!!!

    Thanks McFish c”,)

  66. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    He’s sooo hot, awesome cumshot :-D

  67. please send me an invitation mcfish..,, thank you..

  68. im sorry.. i can already access.. thank you.. your the best

  69. he is so hot.. nice

  70. how to be a registered user? :>

  71. OMG ! Thanks Mcfish for making me salivate! Such a treat.

  72. My type

  73. Love that bod . . . delicious

  74. teddyhongs says:

    he is my type

  75. hot but shy model !!!!

  76. Thanks.

  77. Great job!

  78. so hot boy

  79. thx mr fish

  80. fuck this was so hot.

  81. BottomBoyForAsians BottomBoyForAsians says:

    Yay! Part 2!!

  82. Nice shot…

  83. johnjoe297 says:

    catch me im falling in love hihi =)

  84. love the scruff and bed-head look

  85. Very Nice! Thank You!

  86. very not

  87. very Hot

  88. he’s look like my friend in a college

  89. Xiaomiao79 says:

    Love his body shape so much :D

  90. love his body…nice

  91. Hot body, cute face, great cock

  92. wow

  93. Hotbod and an innocent smile. Thank Mcfish. Love it to the last drop. When are you coming to PH? Are you going to Boracay?

  94. Thank you.

  95. nice cumshot

  96. so sexy omg! im wet

  97. i love thai men!

  98. Flawless

  99. …fall in love with him…oh my god…<3

  100. waving_flag says:


  101. mc_flurry says:

    wow he’s awesome .. love the face so much

  102. He is <3 from head to toe … & especially groin.

  103. he’s cute ! thanks ;D

  104. great body doesn’t guarantee big cock

  105. pls invite me

  106. incognito boy says:

    Love cut Thai cock

  107. He has a fantastic body, but his dick never got properly hard. Maybe the photo-shoot went on for too long!

  108. What a hunk!

  109. what a great show! i just love this guy ….. thanks McFish

  110. finally found part two! yey! love it when he cums. his body is great! but his dick is actually not that big ;-)

  111. hanjaohong says:

    Nice body

  112. What can I say? He’s superb. Look at his eyes … so seducing…see how he smile…so shy…..see him not smiling…so cool!

  113. Hwe’s a recommendation to move to Thailand. What;s NOT to like? With all that’s going for him, why complain about the size of his cock? It easily fits an eager mouth.

  114. theojazz says:

    That face! That smile! That body! I want to explore every inch of him with my hands, my lips, my tongue.

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