Asian Male Beauty Contest

Hi ya! How are you doing? Micky just sent me all these pics and said he wanted to share. Looks like it is sort of male beauty contest in the Philippines…well it is a very interesting one 😀 I think they dont even do this type of thing in Thailand except in Go go bar where they do fuck shows.. And they dont even allow to take photos. Think my next holiday might be the Philippines 😀

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Ruddy says

    Sal2xna, temporarily closed? Why? When will it be re-opened? Anyway, in which part of the Philippine is the bar located?? Can the guys there be booked? lol. Thanks

    • Joaquin Says says

      according to a source the bar is open again. and now, its better as its no longer just a “side-bar” of a straight bar located below. Now, it has its own signboard so, it can be located easily. Not just simply “map-googling” for G. Reyes St. cor Aurora Blvd. near J.Ruiz Station LRT2.
      This type of “contest” (its not actually a contest, it is a pageant-themed show) doesnt happen routinely. Meaning, its not habitually done weekly, monthly, yearly or so, because some of the contestants are taken home and no longer meant for sharing(Get what I mean?). Another reason is when they are given a break to showbussiness because if that happened, they can only be taken home as CDs-star in an indie film. This answers one your question, yes they can be booked, but please return them (hi!hi!hi!). So, you better follow 7/29/2009, 8:24am advice do your research and be extremely cautious, you might find yourself

  2. andres says

    wonderful pics. Thank you for sharing. Could you please post more o sent them o the website to my personal mail?

  3. anonymous says

    XTREME CAUTION…when visiting Manila bars that does such contests. these bars are usually located in seedy hoods and start late at nite, ending up in the wee hours (you don’t wanna leave early without the final winner being announced, don’t you?) . even cab drivers are notorious. best to go with an escort friend. if you MUST go-see, as always, advance research and common sense is your best protection.

  4. Anonymous says

    Naku Joaquin. Korek k jan. Sabi na nga ba Pinoy ka eh. Hehe. Well, aside from obvious naman sa name mo, yung English mo tuwid. Di gaya ng iba, gewang-gewang. Haha.

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