Asian Boy Wanking

Guys, quick update today with this Asian boy wanking & cumming. There are a few clips so I combined them into one..poppers(?) cum last one.

He looks familiar..maybe I posted some pics before??

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Not my type..

    Seems too young for me..

    ☺ ☂hâϞKs ☺ for share..

  2. not that bad. i think those sunglasses don’t look good on him.

  3. To admin, did you delete some video in this website??. I noticed one video is missing..

  4. poor body form… not impressive…

  5. Agree with the first two comments but nice to see the guy enjoying himself nonetheless.

  6. Mmh I rather like him ~ and made very horny watching him shoot cum and no mouth to feed!

  7. Adorable. Love the little belly.

  8. I think he is very cute made me horny watching him shoot three loads, nice body no tatts needed ,to beautify this young mans sexy body.

  9. soldierdick says:

    nice load.

  10. doc_strange says:

    Nice but he should have removed the sunglasses.

  11. cute guy

  12. he’s pretty cute. thanks for sharing

  13. berkeleyboy says:

    not so hot…

  14. Nope

  15. bottombleau says:

    He’s so handsome! Ugh, no fair. lol

  16. I think he’s hot. His dick is so hard… Yum.

  17. thanks mcfish! ;D

  18. thunder-sunny says:

    Yummy! Thx McFish

  19. Is that Kim Jong Un? :)

  20. hot

  21. cute and hot…just my type corky and

  22. i look forward to more chinese soon!

  23. Topy.zabpala says:

    I thankful for McFish Loves Asian Boys :)

  24. how can i join here…can i get an invitation..thanks

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