Asian Guy Wanking

Guys, Quick update today with this Asian guy wanking and cumming. Zen sent me this clip. He said he found it on an internet. Thanks Zen for sharing.

If you want to share, please don’t send any underage content to me. I seem to get a lot these days. I don’t want them in my email and will not post on Only Asian Boys. I also travel a lot and dont wanna be caught with illegal stuff on my computer or email. Hope you understand.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Asian Guy Wanking, 6.3 out of 10 based on 63 ratings


  1. zak21zak21 says

    this is such a cute guy…

    i have subscribed to his content in xtube.

    he looks underage but he is of legal age.

    thanks mcfish. ;D

  2. jackk says

    he has a LOT of videos! I HAVE a copy wherein he drink his pee,, and the other one is he ate his cum. he’s such a naughty and experimental cutie. :)

  3. yuulun says

    Seriously, dude. If you’re getting underage porn from people, REPORT IT TO THE POLICE. That’s disgusting and illegal – to produce, own or see.

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