Asian Guy Wanking

Guys, Quick update today with this Asian guy wanking and cumming. Zen sent me this clip. He said he found it on an internet. Thanks Zen for sharing.

If you want to share, please don’t send any underage content to me. I seem to get a lot these days. I don’t want them in my email and will not post on Only Asian Boys. I also travel a lot and dont wanna be caught with illegal stuff on my computer or email. Hope you understand.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. His so handsome, that smiles! kills me!!!

  2. Wow. Great time! Love the ass action and the smile/wave at the end. Cute guy!

  3. I would to watch those underage vid mcfish can u send it to my email please… :)

  4. this is such a cute guy…

    i have subscribed to his content in xtube.

    he looks underage but he is of legal age.

    thanks mcfish. ;D

  5. He’s at least 25

  6. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    milkly man…awsome

  7. berkeleyboy says:

    Fatty man….hehehe never mind…

  8. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    He’s so cute :-)

  9. doc_strange says:

    love hm

  10. thunder-sunny says:

    cute smile, thx McFish

  11. One hot bottom I’d like to fuck.

  12. luv cocks and assholes

  13. he has a LOT of videos! I HAVE a copy wherein he drink his pee,, and the other one is he ate his cum. he’s such a naughty and experimental cutie. :)

  14. Great cum shot..boy is hot.. watched asshole a lot.. no doubt he be a great bottom//

  15. He is quite cute, and is generally playful in his videos

  16. This is great!

  17. thks mcfish for the sharing

  18. Butterfriend says:

    Thank you for sharing. Nice guy.

  19. just fine..I mean still looks good and makes me feel hot..

  20. Thanks for posting another hot video!

  21. bryansteel says:

    I wanna cum with him….

  22. owen.owen323 says:

    He s so cute, laugh out loud at the end

  23. thanks !!! ;D

  24. bottombleau says:

    Oh I remember this guy. He’s very handsome!

  25. Oh he looks hot haha thanks!

  26. Love him so much! I want him!

  27. Seriously, dude. If you’re getting underage porn from people, REPORT IT TO THE POLICE. That’s disgusting and illegal – to produce, own or see.

  28. Sexsy

  29. Great, his personality comes through, unlike most.

  30. Very very nice

  31. love ur dick baby….

  32. a hot horny bottom is a treasure to find

  33. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  34. I know/ met him. He is currently in Okinawa

  35. ariesed31 says:

    Hope to see more of his video thank you the post lovely

  36. coffee mate says:


  37. theojazz says:


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