Asian? guy Jerks off

Hi, I’m not quite sure if this guy is Asian but the person who sent this clip to me said so…maybe mixed or latino? He looks quite cute anyway.

Guys, quick clip of an Asian boy wanking and shooting on his face.. maybe Indonesian or Filipino.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian? guy Jerks off, 6.8 out of 10 based on 160 ratings
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Rating: 6.8/10 (160 votes cast)


  1. Cute young boy..

    I give him 7/10 for his appearance..
    But 9/10 for his milky-cum..


  2. nice body.

  3. Awesome

  4. i-am-a-boy says:

    handsome boy! thanks for sharing

  5. Delicious tool.

  6. Wow, lots of cum. yum.

  7. jessy_nico says:

    he is cutee n hot.. i like him

  8. soldierdick says:

    I like hs face too.

  9. tomatosauce says:

    cute and super hot!

  10. wow! damn hot guy

  11. KimbokjeunKimbokjeun says:

    Yes, I think so. He is either Indonesian or Filipino. He is cute!

  12. manmandetanqin says:

    That’s my type!<3 Thanx for posting!

  13. deuterium007 says:

    holy cow! i can have him for breakfast,lunch,dinner and everything in between…hottttttttttt!

  14. hornyhorny says:

    11 out of 10….he’s such a gorgeous straight guy with sexy smile…love the way he’s strong and a lot…

  15. hideaki keizo says:

    i think he is indonesian..because his smile’s so kind

  16. Cute & delicious. :-)

  17. he’s filipino, chinese-filipino to be exact

  18. Thanks for this lovely guy.

  19. notsowiseonenotsowiseone says:

    Damn he’s HOT :-D

  20. cute boy…

  21. librarygeek says:

    why can’t i hear what he is saying? he is obviously trying to say something to me personally! isn’t he?

  22. hotsourmilk00 says:

    im in love! super like his smile :P

  23. incredibly hot.

  24. nice body…

    thanks mcfish!;D

  25. He’s really cute though; thanks!

  26. cutest boy ever. thanks mc fish!

  27. thanhle40870thanhle40870 says:

    I love his smile n the cum, thank for sharing.

  28. profile022 says:

    cute with a great body!

  29. Wow! Hot and cute! Thanks!

  30. love this boy!

  31. super delicious! very cute!!!!!!!

  32. That vid would make a good teeth whitening commercial…

  33. Nice dick. Love all the cum. His teeth are very white :)

  34. hottt

  35. Whew! Made me horny.

  36. he’s cute ; P

  37. fireboymanilafireboymanila says:

    Cutee. So beefy, wanna lick’em nipples, kiss those sweet lips, suck that cock and eat that cum.

  38. the smile makes him so much hotter :)

  39. Kinda annoying how mcfish always mute videos it’s like watching a porn for deaf people that’s why I liked the older videos which is not muted I wish mcfish you’d fix that whenever your posting videos of people SOPing or just the orignal souns coz its really hot to hear their voice and the sound of them jacking off

  40. delicious

  41. wana suck & lick his cum!!!

  42. he is so cute

  43. lilosucker says:

    total cutey!!!! :)

  44. doc_strange says:

    He is so cute!

  45. chinese_elmo says:

    gosh i wish i could lick that up thanks for the video :D

  46. chicnugget says:

    Apparently mixed-race people are mostly hot or cute, Yumm…

  47. He’s sooo hoooot

  48. Lovely boy!

  49. shit he’s so hot

  50. wooot!!! Thanks for this… he is hawt =)

  51. coffee mate says:


  52. Matthewjimi says:

    Hot hot hot

  53. TERMINATOR says:

    He needs to change his webcam to give a sharper shot.

  54. hot and cute

  55. bet he is a Filippino,

  56. His so cute and squishy, I want to huge him forever

  57. daebak….

  58. he is a Filipino

  59. Too perfect

  60. hey, could you please invite me so that i can view these videos. I was a member before they manage to change the rules here. uhhh. thank you!

  61. Could have been a truly funny scene with this lusty sunny boy, if… (you might know by now already my problem with webcams, which I find a thorough bore, so why repeat again my litany here).

  62. Good boy type of guy. Nice tool.

  63. Pinoy guy? really? WOW! Good boy type of guy. Nice tool.

  64. Stout fellow. Easy on the eyes.

  65. so cute!! I want more guys like him !!

  66. so yummy…love him….

  67. hot bod ! thanks ;D

  68. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  69. thnks for sharing!

  70. Yummy

  71. Hot!

  72. he look so hot and i would be delighted to give him a blowjob.

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