Thai model

Guys, got a clip of a another Thai model today..hope you guys dont get sick of Thai guy yet. I’m extremely busy these days and have no time to sort out the content. There is no cumshot in this clip unfortunately…it’s weird..they did it all the way there but no cumshot??? I find it really stupid.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Nice boy – and I’ll never get tired of Thai boys, so keep on posting ;) Thanks McFish!

  2. Tnx McFish! Nice

  3. He is perfection *_*

    Hair, face, arms, chest and… everything below the belt. Love his tattoos as well, and the fact that he seems kinds short. I quite like that too XD

  4. krebs2012 says:

    Hot and cute…

  5. Love thai boys. Devine!! Ahihi.

  6. Stunning guy! Wish there was a cumshot! Do post that if u happen to find it!
    Thanks mc fish!

  7. tremor291 says:

    So yummy naman. :)

  8. He is very attractive :)

  9. coffee mate says:

    nice body…cute very much’….thank you for shares..

  10. doc_strange says:

    he’s cute. Thanks McFish

  11. definitely, thais are very nice. so like them

  12. You can send Thai guys every day. They are among the most handsome in the world.

  13. he said at the end that he could not make it hard. I guess that’s why no cumshot! – too bad

  14. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    lovley hair boy

  15. jessy_nico says:

    so handsome…. he is cute.. i like him

  16. Mario Lopez Mario Lopez says:



    HE IS MINE!!!


  17. Mario Lopez Mario Lopez says:







  18. tremor291 says:

    Is this Mr. Kwang? Same model. After a year, his face looks a bit different, his body became bigger. Is it just hair style or makeup? haha

  19. eaglesglen says:

    Nice face but why do some of these guys ruin beauty with ugly tatts covering there bodies YUK

  20. God I love Asian men. This guy is beautiful (except for tattoos). I love watching him work his cock into a hard-on.

  21. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    such a cutie and I love the tattoos he has :-D

  22. no cum lol

  23. always love thai boys/guys…they simply irresistible…thanks McFish & wish to see more & more…

  24. Wow! Thank you for Thai Vids! I want to touch his dick too!!!

  25. never get sick of ur clips, thanks man

  26. nadinelockheart nadinelockheart says:

    thanks! nice post. slow download T_T

  27. I don’t mind Thai boys. They never bored me..

  28. spiderman798 says:

    love him

  29. i doubt he is a gay. no cumshot, too boring for him to wank alone without seeing any porn movie.
    he is indeed dishy.

  30. kevynonline says:

    Rough trade! Love it! Keep em’ cumming!

  31. love him,,,all of him!!!

  32. He’s really cute. Love the tattoos.

  33. Why do i dowload very slowly (by iphone)
    I used to faster dowload.
    Anyone answer me plese

  34. Censoring is so inconsistent with Thai films. Who could get tired of such hot Thai men?

  35. Ferdinand says:

    cute face

  36. he is such a cutie!!!

    thanks mcfish. ;D

  37. asianhunk_69 says:

    They’re finally releasing the unedited videos of these insanely handsome Thai jocks!

    Thanks, McFish!!!

  38. I love the tattoo. Guys with tattoo makes me hot and bothered LOL.

  39. I want me some tom yum cock…

  40. nice dick.. yummy

  41. packetfairy says:

    not tired of thai models like this one, for sure. ;)

  42. bryansteel says:

    Thai or no Thai. So long he is a hunk with great bod, great cock. I love them all.

    Thanks, McFish :)

  43. thai model boys are the best.. i love them all…. thanx again mcfish….

  44. Yummy! I just dong like the tatts…

  45. truly a cute face!

  46. nice, nice, nice

  47. magandako magandako says:

    I love tHais.. B-)

  48. So hot.

  49. Thanks McFish! quite cute thai model.

  50. Hot ever!

  51. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  52. sexy<3

  53. miko raya miko raya says:


  54. Except for the tatts… just love him….

    Thanks McFish c”,)

  55. Ninja2012 says:

    super sexy!!!!

  56. sanookboy says:

    Thanks for another great video McFish. He’s cute. Nice body, sexy tattoos, beautiful cock! :-)

  57. thanhle40870 thanhle40870 says:

    nice body and beutiful face.

  58. yummy and nice body..I dont get tired of them as long as they are BOYS..thanks

  59. asian boys rule. as does this blog. thanks McFish.

  60. Butterfriend says:

    He is so sexy. :)

  61. hunky2man says:

    nice cock

  62. Thank …. Great clip

  63. this is perfect video, very cute model.

  64. nice video, nice shots..he has gorgeous body

  65. Don’t worry. I will never ever get tired of THAI boys! I am actually wanting a Thai Boyfriend seriously. :)

  66. nice bods and face

  67. Love it

  68. handsome boy..


  70. coffee mate says:

    cute face………..

  71. Oh so good looking….
    love thai boy :)

  72. I LOVE THAI MEN C”,)

  73. ขอบคุณ

  74. hot ! ;D thanks

  75. Wow, he is stunning!!! Magnificent!!! I Love Him

  76. so hot and manly…makes me wet with prec*m

  77. coffee mate says:

    cute sexy…like him…..

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