Thai Model Tease

Guys, got another clip of a thai model shooting for softcore mag. His dick looks quite big when getting hard. The light (censor) is more annoying than the circle in the videos I posted in the past. The model looks alright though even with stupid hairdo lol.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Thai Model Tease, 6.3 out of 10 based on 252 ratings


  1. Handsome face..
    Big dick..
    Hope there is a jerk-off video and will be release soon..


  2. Mario Lopez Mario Lopez says:


    HE IS SO CUTE!!!



  3. Firstly, that assistant… I want his job!
    Secondly, the model… Omg. He is so sexy. And his thing… It’s so big.
    Lastly, how can I register? I wish I could download the clip :<

  4. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    he is niw body and face………… he

  5. kevynonline says:

    Whoa…unleash the whopper!

  6. love him :)

  7. doc_strange says:

    nice big juicy dick

  8. love love love
    if u were my bf

  9. nice!

  10. heavenly

  11. Cool

  12. Wow, I like him a lot, a cute guy with a sexy body and an amazingly big cock!

  13. coffee mate says:

    OMG..Big cock..cute..nice guy …I want to make love with him…ha..ha..ha…thank you..for shares….

  14. quite big for thai., thanks

  15. Thanks for the clip, Mcfish

  16. magandako magandako says:

    Nice body and dick i love it!!!!

  17. thank you :D

  18. why all thai models look so cool?

  19. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    OMG he’s the total package, nice body, face, dick.

  20. Keloh123456 says:

    Awesome! Really nice!

  21. krebs2012 says:

    He is a BIGGIE!!!

  22. Interesting? Entertaining? For me..YES..

    thanks Fish

  23. very handsome and a beautiful cock

  24. spiderman798 says:

    love him so much………

  25. kryptoamicus says:

    Really hot and huge.

  26. A masseur in thailand. Very promising!

  27. Love this hot Thai guy! Asian guys are the best! Thanks !!!

  28. I like it especially the thai model.

  29. he’s very hot and has a big dick

  30. Great looking guy, and I love all the underwear posing and teasing!
    Thanks McFish!

  31. flashdiag says:

    Yes, he’s quite impressive!

  32. Like it. Love it. Gotta have it. . .

  33. still uncut dick… smelly when not wash properly

  34. loved the dick is soooo big…. ohhhh thanx mcfish

  35. haha, nice dick :)

  36. KeithWatever says:


  37. chicnugget says:

    somehow my downloads always stopped at 22.7 Mb. I’m not sure why.

  38. coffee mate says:

    l…o..v…e…..him….sexy…to much…..OMG… me……..

  39. jessy_nico says:

    awesomee.. i like hott

  40. eaglesglen says:

    What a tease but worth waiting to see what he has, WOW and doesn’t disappoint in any way,

    Thanks Again

  41. fantastic!!!

  42. obviously BIG…. Hawt

  43. thanks!!

  44. parttimelover1978 says:

    another great video clip…many thanks again…

  45. Ferdinand says:

    big dick… sure BIG!

  46. really love his skin. ;D

    thanks mcfish!

  47. BottomBoyForAsians BottomBoyForAsians says:

    I love Asian guys in underwear/swimwear.

  48. neato! thanks

  49. verouscka says:

    Great Body n Face….. also very exotic asian :)

  50. nice and cute man. great cock too


    Thanks a lot McFish… c”,)

  52. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  53. miko raya miko raya says:

    Cute boy

  54. Made me hungry.

  55. Fucking nowww

  56. no cumshot. :(

  57. wow, so long ,,.. i like…

  58. hunky2man says:

    d light is annoying

  59. juanjose023 says:

    What a hottie! I so wanna see him cum.

  60. wwow

  61. big dick love it :p

  62. pls.. keep on posting thai boy mcfish :)

  63. thunder-sunny says:

    10 point!!!

  64. he is the one. stunning.

  65. he is the one. an amazing thai guy looks

  66. sleepy_zzz says:

    his pubic hair is very neat

  67. how to down load. vdo. . you should. upload to youtube. because it play. faster. than. this.
    it is very slow.

  68. TERMINATOR says:

    One of the best model. So sexy

  69. He is so attractive, nice uncut dick.

  70. qiaofagreen says:

    Funny hairstyle aside this model is great and so is the whole vid, but that “spotlight’!!!

  71. kodomolove says:


  72. kodomolove says:

    Nice guy

  73. big man !!! Thanks ;D

  74. Wish to have a thai bf.
    Never get enough ;)
    Thanks Mc Fish

  75. damn! look at that dick!

  76. mhakinolove says:

    I hope i can download it. :)) so yummy.

  77. ariesed31 says:

    Sweetie thank you for the post.

  78. hi my acount does not exist? Y? Can any one invite me
    here. .please? Thanks in advance

  79. mattdegzman says:

    handsome guy with nice cock and pubes

  80. what his name?


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