Poppers Boy Cums Again

Guys, you prolly remember this guy as I posted his clip a few times. This is another one..prolly not a new clip but I have never seen it before.

Those of you who use iphone and ipad, can you please let me know if the video play smoothly (both streaming by player and from direct download link). I just got an ipad mini to test the site but it loads really slow like playing for 10 seconds then stop to load. I’m not sure if its just me since this stupid ipad loads videos from other sites very slowly too. I’m never a fan of Apple product..used one of their old iphones once and never thought about getting their product again until now that I have to test all the sites I develop.


McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Poppers Boy Cums Again, 5.6 out of 10 based on 100 ratings


  1. fisiomilano says

    Im using ipad 3 and the video runs smoothly on safari. I also use vdownload+ app to save the video easily.

  2. anonymous says

    GOODBYE MAGAZINES, HELLO HI-TECH MACHINES …i use the older version of iPad in my bathroom. and yes, clip runs okay. as you can imagine, I waste no time getting connected to OAB anywhere I may be.

  3. lachlan says

    very impressive…hope he does not blow his brains out with all the poppers. looks 10 times better in this clip thank you

  4. librarygeek says

    “Masturbant” What a great word! but the Urban Dictionary defines it as “A gel or liquid used for lubrication in the aid of masturbation.”

    Someone who is an avid enthusiast of masturbation. They take great joy in the act of self pleasure. This may include advanced techniques, controlled settings such as candle light and background music, complex fantasies and even foreplay. Masturbationalists typically have vivid imaginations and pay close attention to the details.

    A person who gets off on themselves in an obnoxiously haughty manner. The classic snotty judgmental prick who will inevitably be sitting at home alone masturbating because they have alienated lovers and friends alike with their arrogant personality.

    Not to be confused with

    A robot sent from the future with really big padded, moist hands that has a wank-speed of 2000 jerks per second. Designed to give lonely people artificial love.

    • maike5 says

      Haha, thanks for the info, that is actually very interesting (to geek like me anyway).

      Whatever you call it, though, he is cute. :-)

  5. maike5 says

    Hot video – I like this guy!
    It downloaded fast for me, but I’m on a desktop computer with a good connection.
    Thanks McFish!

  6. wang40 says

    Always one of my faves. The effort he puts into his performances are priceless, not to mention the firehose money shots!

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