Thai Model Tease

Guys, got a clip of a Thai model teasing for cumshot. The little circle thing is a little annoying but the model is cute I think. I’m going back time to schedule the updates but will be back soon. It’s only 9-hour flight.

If you download this clip, please do me a favor by leaving a comment telling me what speed you are getting ie 400 KB/s, 100 KB/s etc. Thanks.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Ferdinand says:

    agree.. he is cute…

    I’m downloading at 130 Kb/s

  2. Yummy, he is gorgeous, love it.

    Thanks, Mcfish

  3. Cool

  4. Yes you right..

    He’s cute..

    I just got 20-30 KB/s..

    Internet sucks here!

  5. He’s very cute. I love him!

  6. gioachino says:

    would have been a 10 but for the white circle-beautiful guy

  7. 130kbs im not sure but slow. new member here

  8. anonymous says:

    TWINK … but a beautiful twink. you see this kind of looks in Bangkok. in the malls, massage parlours, restos, everywhere. seems like the majority of people in the big city are Chinese looking. not a complaint, coz i love this guy … Psst! do you do massage?

  9. cute ^^

  10. Daebaakkk…. cutesy alert. Hahaha. Checked for my dinner tonite.

  11. mmm…cute indeed, yeah!

  12. DanThompSon says:

    he is so hot!
    he looks like a taiwanese actor.
    love the dick specially the crown yum!
    love to lollipop that tip so much

  13. villamags09 villamags09 says:

    170kb/s thanks for this. :)

  14. yantheboy says:


  15. He is very cute.

    800-900 Kb/sec here. Thanks.

  16. krebs2012 says:

    hot and sexy…

  17. thanks McFish..very cute twink..don’t know my download speed..but it never takes more than a few minutes..I can WAIT! Keep up the great job! We really appreicate it!

  18. Cute, getting 380kb

  19. Lovely hot sexy body, hot dick, and love those pubes.

  20. Thanks for the video and the code for registering =)
    I’m downloading at 350 KB/sec… I am on fiber though

  21. coffee mate says:

    so cute …thanks for share

  22. chicnugget says:

    Mine was on average 70 KB/s. I guess it depends on the connection speed of the downloader.
    Thank you very much for the code. :D

  23. inertiaholic says:

    i got 70 kb/s

  24. I do not know how to get the download speed,but it only took about 45 seconds to download.-cute model

  25. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    he is gorgeous, lovely guy and sexy

  26. soldierdick says:

    yes, he’s cute.

  27. i used to downlod a lot faster than now ..

  28. A very handsome guy. I wish there were a clip of him doing more than just modelling :-)

  29. jessy_nico says:

    he is handsome.. so cutee.. i like him

  30. ok cute but my download speed not cute lol its about 50 kb/sec my bad

  31. Cute :)

  32. thunder-sunny says:

    Thanks for clip.
    I’m downloading at 1.65 Mb/sec (by chrome) as fast as my normal download.

  33. why i can’t download the video?

  34. cute!

  35. He’s a cutie…..

  36. asianhunk_69 says:

    McFish, he’s such a cutie! He’s like a stuffed toy you’d always like to keep beside you…

  37. He is cute. Thanks for sharing

  38. Thanks Mcfish!

  39. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    He’s such a cutie, downloading 70kb for me

  40. I love THAI…

  41. scott0027 says:

    very nice

  42. annoyinganonymous says:

    Downloading at about 80KB/Sec currently and thank you for the video!

  43. Ahhhhhhhhhhh ,now i need a rub down !!!!
    Downloading @ 150kb/sec

    Thnxz Mc Fish

  44. another cute anf hot thai model.
    118kbps :D
    Thanks Mcfish :D

  45. so cute,,so perfect…more of these thai magazine photo shoot , please!

  46. He is cute…

  47. He is perfect… 118kbps

  48. What a very handsome model….. dream boy

  49. super cute guy!! thank you ;) 153kbps

  50. Cuteeeeeies

  51. nice n cool <3

  52. thank u 4 d link,..

  53. 100kb per second

  54. really cute :)

  55. Thank you
    I’m downloading at 155 Kb/s

  56. mutygendut mutygendut says:

    134kbs average

  57. putra_gay says:

    quite fast from me

  58. Thanks! Always love Thai boys……..

  59. He is super cute!!!!!

  60. oh god.. i loooovee him so much. his cool

  61. beautiful cock head

  62. Thanks nice one! More! Plz

  63. How to download please?

  64. can someone provide me with an invitation please..

  65. Cute… Awesome!

  66. cuteness overload.. thumbs up! :)

  67. I think he is very cute! The white circle is annoying, but I like the parts where he is just in his underwear anyway – I love guys in underwear, and he wears it well. :-)
    I get a nice quick 2.5 mb/s download speed over a fiber optic internet connection.
    Have a safe trip, McFish!

  68. The cutest ever! Yum!

  69. alexandro says:

    more videos like this please… i love it!!!!

  70. Smooth and sexy…

  71. lil_pat21 lil_pat21 says:

    Love Thai boys, nice work

  72. hot and sexy… thanks mcfish….

  73. redgeisha says:

    Hello and good day dear admin, can you please provide me with the access to registration. I really like your website and I would like to download some of your videos. Can you please kindly send it to my e-mail? Thank you so much. A fan from the Philippines. ^_^

  74. so cute when his covering his dick while changing…. so hot indeed…

  75. download speed 400 kbs

  76. biyokanzani says:

    please send your invitation code

  77. biyokanzani says:

    so cute

  78. he is very cute ^^

  79. deathcaddy says:

    so cuteee

  80. lonerkid21 says:

    I like his smile!

  81. He is cute & lovely. My download speed is < 100 kb/s.

  82. he is cute. ;D

    thanks mcfish. ;D

  83. lovely boy

  84. cheongbin says:

    really cute :)

  85. I wanna know why my speed dowload only 20kb:sec on every clip in this site

    Only this website

  86. i wana cast a vote but cant find it …
    still love the video…wish I was the photographer

  87. thanks so much for this! so cute! mine was slower at on average 40kb/sec.

  88. love it…. muak muak muak :) tq

  89. What happened to this vidz McFish? I can barely play this.

  90. Absolutely beautiful hot and sexy body and dick, great poses, love his pubes.

  91. Love it!

  92. 50 kb/s for me

  93. 75 kbps average, thanks for the video, not my fave but its nice

  94. ariesed31 says:

    Sweetie thank you for the post.

  95. I can’t download!!! please help me!!! i don’t have a acc…………….

  96. Oh Good Heavens! I think i’m in love. Thank you for sharing this amazing vid.

  97. I wish I could also download this vid just like the rest. Sigh

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