Thai Model Tease

Guys, got a clip of a Thai model teasing for cumshot. The little circle thing is a little annoying but the model is cute I think. I’m going back time to schedule the updates but will be back soon. It’s only 9-hour flight.

If you download this clip, please do me a favor by leaving a comment telling me what speed you are getting ie 400 KB/s, 100 KB/s etc. Thanks.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Thai Model Tease, 6.2 out of 10 based on 139 ratings


  1. anonymous says

    TWINK … but a beautiful twink. you see this kind of looks in Bangkok. in the malls, massage parlours, restos, everywhere. seems like the majority of people in the big city are Chinese looking. not a complaint, coz i love this guy … Psst! do you do massage?

  2. DanThompSon says

    he is so hot!
    he looks like a taiwanese actor.
    love the dick specially the crown yum!
    love to lollipop that tip so much

  3. jinbay says

    thanks McFish..very cute twink..don’t know my download speed..but it never takes more than a few minutes..I can WAIT! Keep up the great job! We really appreicate it!

  4. chicnugget says

    Mine was on average 70 KB/s. I guess it depends on the connection speed of the downloader.
    Thank you very much for the code. 😀

  5. maike5 says

    I think he is very cute! The white circle is annoying, but I like the parts where he is just in his underwear anyway – I love guys in underwear, and he wears it well. :-)
    I get a nice quick 2.5 mb/s download speed over a fiber optic internet connection.
    Have a safe trip, McFish!

  6. redgeisha says

    Hello and good day dear admin, can you please provide me with the access to registration. I really like your website and I would like to download some of your videos. Can you please kindly send it to my e-mail? Thank you so much. A fan from the Philippines. ^_^

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