Asian Boy Jerks Off

Guys, got an Asian boy jerking off in a clip for today..wonder if he just wanna hide his face or he really enjoys undies there lol

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Asian Boy Jerks Off, 6.0 out of 10 based on 82 ratings


  1. chitwink69 says

    wow such a sexy boy i think he is just really into undies or at least the person he was jerking off for was. i loved it such a sexy boy amazing cock i would suck and fuck this boy for hours and hours.

  2. sockutitE_15 says

    guess the undies serves him both ways.. nice cock and body… love your posts..

    McFish, can you send me the code to get registered on your site? please.. pretty please.. 😀

  3. eaglesglen says

    Love the undies pose if it turns you on why not, if it turns him on im sure he will do it more often, body and cock beautiful on this young man enjoying himself, wish I was there with him.

    thanks McFish.

  4. maike says

    Wonder if it is his own underwear, or someone else’s. Maybe even his girlfriend’s panties?
    Can’t really tell if that is boys or girls’ underwear.
    Regardless, it is pretty hot.

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