Asian Boy Jerks Off

Guys, got an Asian boy jerking off in a clip for today..wonder if he just wanna hide his face or he really enjoys undies there lol

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Boy Jerks Off, 5.9 out of 10 based on 78 ratings
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  1. Funny guy..

    He looks like spidey..

    I think he want to hide his face..

  2. I think he likes the smell of his own crotch or maybe any crotch

  3. wow
    is he japanes or chinese?

  4. LOL, undy fetish plus face mask, talk of killing 2 birds…

  5. nice body on this boy! whoo!

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  6. funny mask

  7. love the undies… :D

  8. doc_strange says:

    interesting mask

  9. taiwaneseboy19taiwaneseboy19 says:

    he is so cool

  10. coffee mate says:

    sososososososo thank you.

  11. Nice big cock!

  12. i waqnt to watch eat him a , ahhhhhhhh

  13. notsowiseonenotsowiseone says:

    Nice body and lovely dick :-)

  14. activation code please….thanks…

  15. Looks like to he likes dirty undies….

  16. Thanks

  17. interesting chap with a nice big cock

  18. Awesome cock!! Would love that in my ass until my hole is oozing his cum out of it.

  19. chitwink69 says:

    wow such a sexy boy i think he is just really into undies or at least the person he was jerking off for was. i loved it such a sexy boy amazing cock i would suck and fuck this boy for hours and hours.

  20. giant cock from a funny pervert!!!

  21. joseph_marcojoseph_marco says:


  22. sockutitE_15 says:

    guess the undies serves him both ways.. nice cock and body… love your posts..

    McFish, can you send me the code to get registered on your site? please.. pretty please.. :D

  23. DanThompSon says:

    hentai kamen? hehe
    love the dick though.

  24. Strange but nice.

  25. eaglesglen says:

    Love the undies pose if it turns you on why not, if it turns him on im sure he will do it more often, body and cock beautiful on this young man enjoying himself, wish I was there with him.

    thanks McFish.

  26. gabriel7272 says:

    something kinky but nice big cock! Wish to suck him off :)

  27. Nice dick

  28. so cute…this boy.

  29. sexy boy for sure..

  30. asianhunk_69 says:

    Could have gone more hardcore, this young fella!


  31. kinky smelling an undrwear while j/o ;)

  32. Wonder if it is his own underwear, or someone else’s. Maybe even his girlfriend’s panties?
    Can’t really tell if that is boys or girls’ underwear.
    Regardless, it is pretty hot.

  33. taiwaneseboy19taiwaneseboy19 says:

    i think his own underwear

  34. jerkerdada says:

    good boy underwear fetish

  35. He look so great

  36. how big he is? so long and big cock, so powerful

  37. wow thats a thing I dont see every day….hehehe love him though

  38. brandonizer says:

    its pretty big! (: delightful to watch!

  39. hannibal lecter is that you ? thanks ;D

  40. this is all about webcam ;) how can i get the activate code ???

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