Asian Couple Fucks

Guys, quick update today with this Asian couple fucking. For the bottom one, I think I posted his clip jacking off?

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Asian Couple Fucks, 5.2 out of 10 based on 127 ratings


  1. esde69 says

    You’re right McFish..

    You’ve already post that bottom jack-off-video..
    And I commented that he’s “mature”..


  2. EC says

    Some really sexy hot guys, with some very hot bodies and dicks, would love to have seem them shoot their loads.

  3. librarygeek says

    Tightly organized space, lots of things, but well organized, not messy, like many spaces I’ve seen. That’s a plus! Do these guys see the comments? Maybe they couldn’t care less.
    They speak English, but they are not native speakers. Still I appreciated the little dialogue I could hear.
    I was a little uncomfortable with the barebacking.
    But all in all they seemed to tenderly care for each other.

  4. says

    Holy Fuck! They’re a very athletic young couple, with well toned asses and good sized cocks. I especially like the size and shape of the bottom’s dick. The best part is when they’re positioning themselves. Altogether one of the better videos I’ve seen of late. If they send any more your way, I hope you’ll post them. Thanks again.

  5. ayahgaya says

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    Ayahgaya (Indonesia)

  6. lil_pat21lil_pat21 says

    what can be nicer than being a rice queen
    Love this Vid and your whole site
    Thank you for all your Hard work

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