Asian Guy Wanking

Guys quick update with this Asian guy wanking, one of the clips I got from my friend…not much cum unfortunately.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Guy Wanking, 5.8 out of 10 based on 46 ratings
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  1. Another ‘not-bad’ guy..

    And about his not-much-cum..
    I think he’s often doing this..
    In front of camera or not..

    ☺ ☂hâϞKs ☺ for share McFish..

  2. berkeleyboy says:

    Corny and boring exhibitionist!!!

  3. aw, He is SO CUTE! And who could resist that mighty yummy cock?

  4. Very cute guy. We are all thankful the world has guys who will wank in front of us.


  6. very cute and sexy

  7. smiling boy, but too much static

  8. hot cock and pubes

  9. nice skin on this boy. ;D

    thanks mcfish!

  10. thanks! :D

  11. Surprisingly, I like this guy…..

  12. I love that big cock of his.

  13. notsowiseonenotsowiseone says:

    Nice body lovely cock

  14. nice dick

  15. EncolpiusEncolpius says:

    Very cute. Nice smile.

  16. kodomolove says:


  17. not much cum but his dick looks cute tho.. =D

  18. nice smile – I like him more than I expected to.
    I bet he is a sweet fuck, taking his time with lots of kissing… slowly fucking for a long time until he shoots his load in my ass.

  19. mutygendutmutygendut says:

    no 3 ~ <3

  20. Quite Cute and nice cock

  21. so cute , so much love this guy!

  22. cutie. sweet smile. rock hard dick. who could ask for more?

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