[S] Thai Model Behind The Scene

Guys, I had to schedule this post as I’m flying today. Got a behind the scene clip of a Thai mode. I didn’t watch a whole thing but looks like he didn’t end up cumming?? They used fake cum or something for photo shoot? lol what a waste but model looks alright.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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[S] Thai Model Behind The Scene, 6.1 out of 10 based on 196 ratings


  1. DanThompSon says

    this video is very hot. i love his body very much. especially his biceps.
    i wish he would have cummed. but oh well it was still nice seeing his pubes and enormous cock.
    ty for sharing mcfish

    • Karelin says

      There is jerk-off session but only exclusive only on that magazine. It can be found almost all naked thai magazine such as KFM and Firm Special. But that magazine has no cum scene. If you want to see Thai boys in cum scene, you should try to watch KFM.

  2. Gill says

    You are fantastic working as hard as you doing and still posting such great videos and photos. Thanks very much and i hope when you are travelling for work you get in some relaxation. Cheers!

  3. Karelin says

    Jerk-off session is not found exclusively only in this magazine. It can be found on other magazine such as KFM. KFM Thai boys are hotter than the non-cum scene Thai boys.

  4. jinbay says

    Thanks again, McFish..great bod, cute guy..NICE..just wish there was less direction of his actions..he looks confused sometimes..but still GREAT!

  5. arya625 says

    If we never saw the behind the scenes we’d think that it was well done and hot! Porn is a lot like this. Lots of takes, lots of cuts, but the final product is always hot. Well done and great cock on this one

  6. RabbitRabbit says

    A frustratingly inconclusive fiddling with a magnificient cock, embellished with gorgeous balls bedded in a thick bush – (WHAT MORE COULD ANYONE ASK FOR ??) – and petering out with a glorious end you are waiting for in vain… SHAME on the editor of the clip who missed a golden opportunity here. But you, dear McFish, deserve our praise for publishing this raw material. Had I the technical skills to reedit it, I would certainly be tempted to try. The model is gorgeous, indeed.

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