Korean Guy Jerks Off on Cam

Guys, I already posted a clip of this guy last year (click here for old clip) Just realized there is another clip. They look similar so I thought they were same. The quality isn’t that good but he looks cute.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. I have to work during the weekend again..

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Korean Guy Jerks Off on Cam, 6.4 out of 10 based on 147 ratings
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  1. Hello again Oppa!!

    You still cute and tempting..!


  2. krebs2012 says:

    lean, tall and hot…

  3. anonymous says:


  4. kikapooh says:

    he looks like one of korean star.

  5. wanna watch those old videos, but many are reserved for members

  6. Koreans r getting hotter & hotter….thanks McFish…

  7. At first glance, I think of Si Won. He’s cute. Love Love

  8. doc_strange says:

    he is cute

  9. qwerty07 says:

    oh so yummy, i cum a lot.


  11. pimilasianlover says:


  12. yummy!

    thanks mcfish!!! ;D

  13. cute and sexy!!!!!

  14. cute guy…

  15. jessy_nico says:

    so hot n cute… love him

  16. Wow, I could never say no to this hot guy!!! So yummy!

  17. i-am-a-boy says:

    amazing cute guy.. thanks for sharing!

  18. pancactuspancactus says:

    cute as always..

  19. Very adorable, but wish we got a look at that booty!!

  20. Hot

  21. librarygeek says:

    Don’t they all look much the same from one clip to another? The interesting (to me) thing about this clip is the possibility that someone could be looking in the window behind him. Now that would be hot!

  22. I can’t help thinking that these K-soloists are generally better looking…and more manly looking, thus, much hotter, than many K-idols out there.
    Perhaps because they are raw and homey and not ‘manufactured’ and sculpted- looking.
    Ironically, these lovely and delightful exhibitionists have a mystique about them that I find very intriguing.

  23. He’s so cute really.

  24. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. 2usucess says:

    Good looking

  26. johnjoe297 says:

    so hot dear

  27. Thank you … He has a cute face and nice bud

  28. soldierdick says:

    One of my favourites.

  29. beautiful hard cock

  30. lucasling says:

    Love it

  31. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  32. sailechz says:

    thank you so much! :)

  33. I like his cute face & lean body :)

  34. KimbokjeunKimbokjeun says:

    This is awesome. Thanks Mr. McFish

  35. berkeleyboy says:


  36. Love this Korian guy, so cute :)

  37. inuyashasf says:

    Hot bod, love it

  38. Looks like one of my fav K-Pop guys. Thanks.

  39. thank u very much ^^

  40. Great

  41. love to watch him over and over again…just love his body…

  42. hot !! <3

  43. michaelzzz says:

    Definitely my type of guy, smooth, hot, cute, sexy and plenty naughty! What a gorgeous guy! Yummmm! I’d drain those balls repeatedly! :-()

  44. Great set of balls. Hang low. Cute boy! Hot video.

  45. gabriel7272 says:

    very hot korean guy… love him…

  46. Like it!

  47. That’s one hot lil stud muffin.

  48. circpenis says:

    Love seeing his legs held open.

  49. AsianMen4MeAsianMen4Me says:

    This guy is super cute.

  50. gioachino says:

    hot guy

  51. he’s so good looking !

  52. want to have those long legs draped over my shoulders while I feast on that cock.

  53. Joseph KeaneJoseph Keane says:

    lovely Korean. Thanks McFish.

  54. is there any way that we can find more from him…..

  55. qiaofagreen says:

    Suddenly I’ve developed a craving for kimchi!!!

  56. Keloh123456 says:


  57. god he is handsome!

  58. hot guy ! Thanks :D

  59. TERMINATOR says:

    Wish I am there to do it for him.

  60. Where do you get these videos? Do you chat with them McFish? PLEASE TELL ME!!! I’m DYING TO KNOW!!!

  61. Hold those legs up and stroke it!

  62. Dear McFish, how can I get the activation code ?
    So lovely!!

  63. rexsmithyyrexsmithyy says:

    oppa ♥

  64. risingmoon says:

    koreans are really hot!

  65. yamada2000 says:

    so cute!

  66. coffee mate says:

    nice face…..thank you

  67. cute_indonesiancute_indonesian says:

    If the dick was larger he’d be perfect,, He’s still super hot thou.

  68. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i want to suck him, and eat him..

  69. iloveasians says:

    fuck me!

  70. wow

  71. Wow not only great body and beautiful huge cock he can cum over me anytime, this is one of the best jerk offs I have seen for a long time. thanks McFish.

  72. wsjjqxiaoq says:

    a hot guy!

  73. handsome and cute !! have a nice body!

  74. super handsome and cute

  75. park eun kyung says:

    So Sexy.

  76. kampongboy123 says:

    wow, he is really hot, I love him!

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