Korean Guy Jerks Off on Cam

Guys, I already posted a clip of this guy last year (click here for old clip) Just realized there is another clip. They look similar so I thought they were same. The quality isn’t that good but he looks cute.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. I have to work during the weekend again..

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Korean Guy Jerks Off on Cam, 6.3 out of 10 based on 151 ratings


  1. librarygeek says

    Don’t they all look much the same from one clip to another? The interesting (to me) thing about this clip is the possibility that someone could be looking in the window behind him. Now that would be hot!

  2. tak says

    I can’t help thinking that these K-soloists are generally better looking…and more manly looking, thus, much hotter, than many K-idols out there.
    Perhaps because they are raw and homey and not ‘manufactured’ and sculpted- looking.
    Ironically, these lovely and delightful exhibitionists have a mystique about them that I find very intriguing.

  3. michaelzzz says

    Definitely my type of guy, smooth, hot, cute, sexy and plenty naughty! What a gorgeous guy! Yummmm! I’d drain those balls repeatedly! :-()

  4. Brent says

    Where do you get these videos? Do you chat with them McFish? PLEASE TELL ME!!! I’m DYING TO KNOW!!!

  5. Robert says

    Wow not only great body and beautiful huge cock he can cum over me anytime, this is one of the best jerk offs I have seen for a long time. thanks McFish.

  6. woodeedog3 says

    Very sexy, hot and handsome…what more could you want…a lovely Korean guy…very natural.Thanks McFish!

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