Asian Boy Jerks Off

Guys, been really busy here since I came back..quick update today with this Asian boy jerking off.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Asian Boy Jerks Off, 6.0 out of 10 based on 103 ratings


  1. eaglesglen says

    for goodness sake if only this guy could forget his typing and concentrate on jerking off I would have enjoyed much more than I did, but thank you, McFish

  2. carl says

    He’s got a cute face, a decently sexy body & a nicely shaped cock. I want to drink that milky cum of his. He’s a Yummy boy.

  3. PeterP says

    the new player works better a lot than the previous one. I like it. 😀
    and the guy is really nice. just sometimes wonder that those jerk off guys are all gay or most of them are straight. if they are straight I would be very disappointed haha.

  4. kikapooh says

    i like this guy face.

    ps. i’m using andriod devides, both samsung galaxy note 8 and lg optimus vu.
    lately i think i found some issue click link to download video from pages, but it’s only minor probs. just want to share as you always need to know feedback, right.

    thanks for always effort

  5. kikapooh says

    alright, i found out that i’m been using firefox with some flash upgrade for years, so i never run into a problem clicking link thing before, then again i switch to use google chrome and the problem found lately. so it&s nothing to do with the page,

    thank you v much mcFish for your effort

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