Thai Money Boy Wanking For Money

Guys, I’m having a real bad week when things went wrong at the same time…quick update with another Thai money boy wanking for money. Body is so so but I think he’s kinda cute. (looks bored though lol)

I will also be away for 4 days this weekend (going to Auckland, NZ) not sure if I will have time to sort out the updates..Will do my best.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Thai Money Boy Wanking For Money, 6.7 out of 10 based on 108 ratings


  1. So so, he is every bit of Thai

  2. ard1302 says:


  3. Bangbear says:

    Nice boy but I can’t play the vid

  4. ORGANIC … everything in him is soo natural. boy is messaging, “this is me, unadulterated as nature has given me”.

  5. he is cute…

    but he does look bored…

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  6. nadinelockheart nadinelockheart says:

    thanks mcfish. +++

  7. hot and look sexy with tanned skin…thanks McFish you are the best..

  8. shuin1986 says:

    Tasty enough for me :)

  9. I have to agree he does not look like he’s having a good time.

  10. berkeleyboy says:

    so boringl with no emotion…

  11. jessy_nico says:

    nicee… so hot.. i like it

  12. eddy0126 says:

    Boy from southern Thailand?

  13. shinnysun says:


  14. yum yum

  15. sffarang says:

    On Firefox, there are three blinking dots but no play button to play the video within the browser. No problem downloading the file however.

  16. Ferdinand says:

    lovely… but the video wont load on chrome… same like sffarang said above… but luckily I can download the video…

  17. doc_strange says:

    he looks so serious

  18. I think he is so so ^^

  19. eyes361 says:

    Google chrome won’t load the video :(

  20. i-am-a-boy says:

    nice. thanks for sharing

  21. gioachino says:

    dinner is served

  22. Bmyn2nyt says:

    I love him! Thanks! :-)

  23. All of the money boys look bored because they are embarrassed that they have to “sell their bodies” to make money. It is understanding that they are not acting HOT and HORNY but that’s why I enjoy these videos because you don’t know get to watch a straight guy jerking off for you.

  24. nitecoffee says:

    Hmmm… ok i guess. I would’ve preferred some excitement at least, esp when he’s climaxing and abt to cum.

  25. ironbark says:

    Phusai ngaam lai lai – very handsome boy

  26. would love to suck him all day.

  27. all boy love him tks

  28. raiven06 says:


  29. fxtrader says:

    very good looking guy and nice cum shot, love to see more guys like him

  30. Pretty cute guy.
    Also, the embedded video is working for me (Firefox user), and the video from yesterday that didn’t play also works now – not sure if you changed something or if it is my system that was causing problems, but the videos work now.

  31. Not exactly very erotic, but still sexy nonetheless…

  32. naruto01 says:

    yum yum yum he looks serious and it turns me on… happy ending for me in a bit :D

  33. gabriel7272 says:

    yummy thai boy…. how much to pay him to do this?

  34. I love his eyebrow… Thick as his cock ;)

    Pretty boy Cute face… But boring looks…

    Maybe the producer don’t paid those money boys much.

  35. vandocr says:

    hope you have a better week next week, and enjoy while you are in NZ

  36. KeithWatever says:

    Not bad…

  37. Golden dragon says:

    Nice boy, and sorry, he does not need to enjoy it, you must. He is beautiful and he is hard, what else would you like? A lover, for 800 Bt?

  38. sweetmapplesuk says:

    i want this guy he is so yummy. thanks Mc Fish ;)

  39. ;D thanks !

  40. Orinoco says:

    I like his body and cock.
    Face is just so-so for me.

  41. Mr.Mc Fish, nothing wrong with the vid, it is okay thou

  42. Nice video,. btw mcfish how can i register to you site? I’ve email several time but no reply :(

  43. cute guy; LOUSY camera work!!

  44. kodomolove says:


  45. darkangel says:

    cute asian! thanks mcfish!

  46. diegobogel says:

    omg so small

  47. ayokuzone3 says:


  48. Kelly77 Kelly77 says:

    Like his skin, tan and smooth.

  49. ryandicklover ryandicklover says:

    mmmm… nice one to get fucked!

  50. nicolai says:

    Looks ordinary but thank you Sir McFish for the post

  51. a video with sound is awesome but this boy is a quiet jerker….sigh

  52. love him..even though his not that horny..but i sense that his shy…hehehe..LOL

  53. ddhithere says:

    love his cute eyes

  54. i can notseevideo from ipad .Please. fiix. it

  55. mahadivo says:

    many thanx

  56. Asianmaleadmirer says:

    A cute Thai guy.

  57. wowwow

  58. Love asians: dark hair, eyes, brown skin, cute face, lips, dick, etc. ths one has it all…and great cum shot..
    Thanks again, Fish

  59. Asianmaleadmirer says:

    What a beautiful Thai guy and he he a nice cock.

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