Asian Guy Wanking

Guys, the quality of the clip isn’t that good but the guy looks nice… no idea where he’s from.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Guy Wanking, 6.5 out of 10 based on 131 ratings


  1. Beautiful beautiful man!

  2. nice body

  3. njc312085 says:


  4. great face when he cums

  5. adrianty says:

    sexy. if only the quality is better. heh. but thanks alot anyway mcfish!

  6. hot and sexy..

  7. nice looking boy.. smooth skin…

    but its true… the video is not that good…

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  8. nice body :D ! thanks

  9. so hot. very love glasses boy :D

  10. The quality could have been better (I didn’t have sound either), but I appreciate McFish for sharing it as it was still enjoyable to watch!

  11. Wonderful body!

  12. jessy_nico says:

    great !! i like it…. so hot

  13. Ferdinand says:

    cute and nice body! love it!

  14. eaglesglen says:

    Thanks McFish, love guyswearing glasses thought I was bad at getting camera in right position but worth I in the end to see him cum,i

  15. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    thi guy has a nce body wokout …nice..thnak

  16. A++ body. Thank you :-)

  17. ard1302 says:

    Wow!!! a lovely guy.

  18. lachlan says:

    damn nice yes the quality should have been better, but he is all mine LOL

  19. soldierdick says:

    A very cute and fit boy, the type I luv.

  20. thanks ! love guys with glasses

  21. yarbles says:

    Wow, beautiful sleek body, I loved how he was so much in his bliss, totally enjoying the feeling and showing off

  22. Love Chinese boy, thanks Mcfish

  23. 9bryanlee says:


  24. kikapooh says:

    thank you

  25. :)

  26. gioachino says:

    beautiful man

  27. yummy…

  28. i-am-a-boy says:

    great vid! thanks for sharing.

  29. Orinoco says:

    Whoa yeah!!!!!!!!!
    I want to sit on his cock and suck his nipples while he unloads every drop of that cum into my ass!!!

  30. miko raya miko raya says:

    Hmm ok

  31. pinkshabet pinkshabet says:

    Such a beautiful body…I always thought boys with glasses were cute ;)

  32. M_reentry says:

    So sexy

  33. krebs2012 says:

    Nerdy and hot…

  34. doc_strange says:


  35. Zackwang says:

    I wish there is a voice

  36. sanookboy says:

    He’s a very hot guy!

  37. xiaojun123 says:

    hot guy with glasses!

  38. cute boy, thanks McFish =)

  39. What a dramatic soloist! Love it!!
    I believe he is Korean.

  40. kokohehe says:

    Im in love!!

  41. chinese_elmo says:

    xoxo thanks :D super hot!

  42. Darth81 says:


  43. yummy!!!

  44. malakang says:


  45. bottombleau says:

    He’s so cute, and that body is awesome!

  46. Love him.

  47. sirens5 says:


  48. manmandetanqin says:

    His body is hot!!!!>3<

  49. Reminds me of someone I know.

  50. soldierdick says:

    delicious, I desire having him for a partner.

  51. love him all the way…….

  52. beautiful man..boy?

  53. this site is loaded with pure hotness. :) how do i get the invitation code sir? thanks a lot!

  54. kodomolove says:

    Thank you

  55. radioisotope says:

    thank you mcfish [thumb up] !!
    asian guys with glasses are really cool~~

    May I know how to get an invitation for registration?

  56. Hot Guy

  57. tomatosauce says:

    So hot!

  58. samtom31 says:

    This beauty deserves to be on a professionally shot clip.

  59. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  60. cutenhette4real says:

    nice body… lean and lickable!

  61. Tigerx2 says:

    This guy is very hot although I agree with the others that his video recording skills suck and not in the good way. And it’s safe to say he is Korean. The cheap yellowish vinyl flooring was the first giveaway but then the chat program that pops up on the screen towards the end is in Korean so once again another hot snd horny Korean guy who can’t keep his hand off his cock. Yummy!!!

  62. Wow – thanks for the post

  63. chinese_elmo says:

    thank you for the hot post! :D

  64. love it! thank you so much McFish!

  65. ariesed31 says:

    Ty mcfish

  66. Wow not only great body and beautiful huge cock he can cum over me anytime, this is one of the best jerk offs I have seen for a long time. thanks McFish.

  67. he is my type

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