Thai Guy Wanking

Hey, got this video from ard1302. He’s one of Only Asian Boys’ members. Looks like a behind the scene clip of a Thai model.

Not really my type though but some of you might like him. There are so many ordinary looking to quite ugly guys on Thai magazines these days.

Thanks Ard1302 for sharing.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Thai Guy Wanking, 6.2 out of 10 based on 106 ratings


  1. esde69 says

    In my opinion..
    It’s because magazine need a new model who want to wanking after naked photo-shoot for their new monthly edition..

    So they will always looking for new guys.. Doesn’t matter if the guy has an ordinary look, even ugly..

  2. benjie says

    He is a nice looking fellow. His face registers well on screen. His body is hot (buffed & skinny men are not my type). Plus, his dong looks so yummy. What can I say? I LOVE THAI MEN!

  3. likil says

    nit quite good lookin n a bit think
    remove some hair may be better (a bit hairy)
    *all r my personal opinon 😀

  4. carl says

    Love his skin color, if he get his teeth fixed and improve his body a bit more, then he’ll be perfect! :)

  5. qiaofagreen says

    He’s OK, looks a little nervous though probably his first time doing it in front of camera!

  6. theo says

    lovely long body; very handsome face, [some criticize his teeth but they give him character]; soulful eyes; great legs. No, not a hot jo but let me be his partner and I would excite him. At least I would LOVE to try.

  7. shyamkishore says

    Beautiful guy.But it takes time for him to ejakulate.And only a littke cum came out.I want to have sex with him

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