Robin Tempts Dick With His Hot Little Asian Body

Dick Santorum’s cock is burning Robin Cadiz’s Asian boyhole but Robin so wants that cock up his ass. Well, that’s at least the message I’m getting from the facial expressions Robin’s making. In fact, when I watch gay Asian porn I think I spend about half the time focusing on the guys’ faces as I get a whole heap of stimulation out of that. Especially if the boys are screwing up their faces and contorting their mouth. That only leaves 50% of the time to look at the rest of the body, the cock and actual penetration. And, I usually focus on mostly watching the bottom (I assume because I’m a 100% top). But, if the top has a great body I cant keep my eyes off him too long. That makes me wonder, do bottoms usually focus on the top when they watch gay porn?

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Tousen – Gay Asian Porn Editor

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