Korean Boy Jerking Off

Hi there, I have this clip for a couple of years now and thought I already posted but after browsing the video section I couldnt find it. Well I might forget to add video category so I’m sorry if its duplicate.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Korean Boy Jerking Off, 6.6 out of 10 based on 162 ratings


  1. Oh my lean korean guy..

  2. pcuk101 says:

    Love this clip! He has nice smile and a cute cock ….like the underwear tease too?

  3. Such a beautiful boy! Thanks.

  4. anonymous says:

    “K” guy is not so innocent. he can strike a go-go dance pose, cocktease, asstease, underwear fetish, shave his pits and what more. he could be a bit myopic though, judging from his twinching eyes and back and forth movements to the monitor or the cam. overall, i will watch this clip again tomorrow.

  5. jerkerdada says:

    really sexy and i fell into his expression

  6. Ferdinand says:

    sniffing underwear is the best!

  7. lonyice says:


  8. my type :P he got a cut dick right?

  9. eddy0126 says:

    Good looking guy, thanks.

  10. helliaonthefloor says:

    so cute hahahahah… too quite though… wishing for some noise!!!

  11. Beautiful, sweet, nice cock.

  12. gabriel7272 says:

    yummy :)

  13. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  14. brandane69 says:

    love this Korean guy – i am sure he is watching me on his computer especially when he sniff his underwear as i was doing the same watching him – mmmh – he is gorgeous!

  15. Red lips, cute dick, nice abs and body, babyface, and NEARSIGHTED!!!! hahahahaha

  16. Thank you Mcfish, please post more of him, he is sexy and seducive

  17. soldierdick says:

    I love korean boys/men.

  18. yaoiboy00 says:

    yum yum yum. I want more lol

  19. athai001 says:

    horny boy….let me fuck u

  20. big mushroom head

  21. gioachino says:

    luv this man

  22. Is he wearing lipstick? lip gloss?

  23. fxtrader says:

    great vid, very good looking guy, hope we can see more like this one

  24. long live koreans

  25. hjonzel says:

    what a cutie :)

  26. love this guy! thanks McFish.
    btw, i don’t know what’s wrong with my account,
    i can’t download this clip. please kindly help me out.

  27. Oh I love korean guy

  28. love it

  29. Orinoco says:

    What a sexy guy!!!!
    What a hot cock!!!!!!

  30. techtech says:

    Keep posting the Korean boys!

  31. circpenis says:

    I love Korean boys!

  32. coffee mate says:

    so so so

  33. doc_strange says:

    cute. Thanks McFish

  34. nice lookin boy…

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  35. I wanna lick that hot butt and suck him off! I gotta go to Korea…Korean men rock me.

  36. jessphoon says:

    he’s cute!

  37. nice thanks!

  38. Ztandby says:

    wow nice thx!

  39. Ztandby says:

    two thumbs up thx!

  40. Ztandby says:

    wow thx!

  41. Matthewjimi says:

    Cute and sexy

  42. what is that kissme site? lol I wanna see more Korean guys! >.<

  43. nice cock and balls, sexy body too and cute face…

  44. Darth81 says:

    nice! like his body :)

  45. thanks!

  46. Very cute. I love the video.

  47. If I go to Korea, can I book a male prostitute there?

  48. Vic-Wild says:

    Hot body <3

  49. imonvodka imonvodka says:

    Thanks MsFish, as usual! (:

  50. thanks MsFish… love his body…

  51. he is cute with a beautiful body & inviting cock..Thanks McFish!!! Have a good week ahead..

  52. zoealexey says:



  53. yummy

  54. Goofy face, beautiful body, hot cock. The boy looks like trouble. Wish he were more vocal his orgasm a little more spectacular, but all in all, a fine display of sexiness!

  55. Yet one more delicious Korean web jack-off. I can’t get enough of this “delicacy”- its presentation is always raw, 100% natural, ‘homey’, boy-next-doorish and not synthetic.

  56. AsianMen4Me AsianMen4Me says:

    He is very nice looking. He needs to burn that douchey ball cap though.

  57. hornyme says:

    Hot and nice

  58. RicardoR says:

    Cute sexy guy … a pleasure!

  59. just ren says:

    not trying to arouse a scandal here but, has Anyone heard of a rapper named g-dragon? i swear if that’s not him then this guy is one hell of a twin…

  60. lachlan says:

    excellent damn near perfect yum yum yum!!!

  61. Kamdock68 says:

    Cute boy,,,but he’s not my type

  62. manmandetanqin says:

    Very Cute! Thanks for posting!!! <3

  63. more proof of why I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE asians

  64. love korean guys … Thx

  65. samtom31 says:

    a very enjoyable viewing

  66. NGyawwwwwwrrrrr!

  67. fireboymanila fireboymanila says:

    His hot. Ill ride his cock.

  68. He is so handsome…he can be my boyfriend

  69. kukurokuku says:


  70. damn

  71. akosiichigo08 says:

    hes so hot :D

  72. iloveasians says:

    sexy and cute!

  73. cute boy; and I loooooooooove his empassioned expression as he actually is j/o….but, I wish he didnt keep breaking stride by checking out his screen.

  74. goodgood

  75. cutenhette4real says:

    because of you.. im loving korean boys now! =)

  76. Good!

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