Korean Boy Jerking Off

Hi there, I have this clip for a couple of years now and thought I already posted but after browsing the video section I couldnt find it. Well I might forget to add video category so I’m sorry if its duplicate.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Korean Boy Jerking Off, 6.6 out of 10 based on 168 ratings


  1. anonymous says

    “K” guy is not so innocent. he can strike a go-go dance pose, cocktease, asstease, underwear fetish, shave his pits and what more. he could be a bit myopic though, judging from his twinching eyes and back and forth movements to the monitor or the cam. overall, i will watch this clip again tomorrow.

  2. brandane69 says

    love this Korean guy – i am sure he is watching me on his computer especially when he sniff his underwear as i was doing the same watching him – mmmh – he is gorgeous!

  3. purin says

    love this guy! thanks McFish.
    btw, i don’t know what’s wrong with my account,
    i can’t download this clip. please kindly help me out.

  4. Erik says

    Goofy face, beautiful body, hot cock. The boy looks like trouble. Wish he were more vocal his orgasm a little more spectacular, but all in all, a fine display of sexiness!

  5. tak says

    Yet one more delicious Korean web jack-off. I can’t get enough of this “delicacy”- its presentation is always raw, 100% natural, ‘homey’, boy-next-doorish and not synthetic.

  6. just ren says

    not trying to arouse a scandal here but, has Anyone heard of a rapper named g-dragon? i swear if that’s not him then this guy is one hell of a twin…

  7. theo says

    cute boy; and I loooooooooove his empassioned expression as he actually is j/o….but, I wish he didnt keep breaking stride by checking out his screen.

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