Gay Japanese American Boy Fucks White Boy

Good looking, young, gay and interracial (Asian / Caucasian). What a good combination. You’ve got to love the lean, hard bodies of youth – one Asian toned (Shisone) and one smooth and creamy white boy (Clinton). Check out Shisone’s abs clench up as he thrusts his hips into Clinton’s backside. For me, that’s a fucking beautiful sight to behold. Actually, I think there’s a general misconception that the gay Asian guy is always going to be the bottom. Just like we always seem to expect a black guy to be the top. But that’s just not true is it?

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Tousen – Gay Asian Porn Editor

Gay Japanese American Boy Fucks White Boy, 6.4 out of 10 based on 34 ratings


  1. aehliel says:


  2. lkg4playmate lkg4playmate says:

    Ya – <2

  3. yarbles says:

    wow, such hot guys! the Japanese guy has such a beautiful tummy!

  4. krebs2012 says:

    hot japboy!!!

  5. brandane69 says:

    fucking gorgeous Japanese

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