Thai Guy Jerking Off

Hey, got a clip of a Thai guy jerking off for today. Not quite sure if it’s a behind the scene clip but it looks like one…

Im really busy this week and have no time to search for content. Will have to post what I have for now.. Life is tough lol

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Thai Guy Jerking Off, 6.7 out of 10 based on 94 ratings


  1. anonymous says

    ALMOST…a complete package. nice face, young body shape, good sized dick, beautiful skin, bushy pubes, big load explosion, etc. etc. and something for the pissing fetish. what more can you ask for. what’s his c.p. number?

  2. hunky2man says

    Love these asian guys with so natural hairy pubes!! Just like a virgin forest unlike their American counterparts where they shave making it looks like an underage dick!!

  3. khiannshann2013 says

    Hi im khiann of the philippines, how i wish i am there to give you a perfect that uncut cock…

  4. RabbitRabbit says

    A very pleasant change of scenery this variation of doing it in the woods. Shall think of him intensely during my next wandering in a Thai forest.

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