Thai Model Behind The Scene

I have a behind the scene clip for today. It was censored a bit as it is supposed to be a softcore magazine lol At least you can see pretty much everything, just a little annoying with that purple circle. The model is ok..not really my type though.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Thai Model Behind The Scene, 6.3 out of 10 based on 140 ratings


  1. eric randall says

    I’m glad to have registered! Thanks a lot for allowing me to. I love this site! Despite the countless sites that don’t provide public access unless payments have been made, this site is worthy of all the praises for keeping its users satisfied by working hard to keep its posts updated without accepting anything in return.

  2. tawny_owl says

    Mmm a tasty guy for sure but I don’t think the purple dot will ever catch on as a fashion accessory. lol

  3. Kermie says

    He’s cute! It always cracks me up with this type of censorship – you see it in the Japanese porn mainly – the tip of the cock is hidden, but can show a fully spread arsehole and then the cum!

  4. giffordp says

    Well, I will go against the tide… He is not my type either. He barely looks Asian. To each his own,,

  5. qiaofagreen says

    Its a good vid Mr McFish but I am also wondering why they bothered filming the whole thing and then put purple dots all over the place?!! Just like those Japanese ones where they pixilate all the “important” parts! Waste of time and really frustrating too don’t you think so? :)

  6. mexanese says

    Thank you mcfish
    Love you
    I like this boy is kinda of cute, wish I could be there give him a handjob
    He’s hoooooot.

  7. destall says

    This guy is hot. Too bad about the censoring blobs, but I can definitely see the parts that are most interesting.

  8. maike5 says

    The purple circles are really funny – it’s like they think it’s ok to see the cock, just not the head of it!

  9. tak says

    Funny they censor the glans penis but not the as*hole which to me is the most intimate/private part of a man’s body.

  10. throb says

    This dude looks really yummy. Very nice well toned body and he’s steaming hot. Hope you could send me the code so I could register and watch the hot vid.

  11. l8tonic says

    I really like reading this site. This guy’s so hot. I wanna see the video.. hope to be registered..

  12. JUSTIN1JUSTIN1 says

    I really like the guy… specially with his hat on…makes him sexier than NUDE….and oh…. the purple crop circle just add to the excitement of what’s lies behind…nice tight round bubble butt…totally 10 out of 10…

  13. ayimartin84 says

    nice body..looks hot..i like it..
    hope you could send me the code so I could register and watch the hot vid.
    Thanks mcfish 😉

  14. tuckermy80 says

    McFish Please let me register again
    I’ve learn my lesson please…. don’t deprive of of such a beautiful man 😉

  15. Sanonymous says

    please send me the code 😀 i totally love this site but I can’t see some videos :( thanks in advance 😀

  16. WINCENT says


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