Random Naked Asian Boys

Hi there! got some random Asian boys and their dicks for today. My favorite is #9 LOL

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Random Naked Asian Boys, 5.4 out of 10 based on 135 ratings


  1. RabbitRabbit says

    #1,2,3 go (with me please!). Would also like to do some ironing for #5. And take #7 back to my room. But folks: beware of McFish, he seems to be a real man-eater. lol

  2. aztec69 says

    #5 needs to have a yard sale, or open a clothing store soon. Some how #9’s head, body, and cock don’t match. Perhaps it’s a cut and paste job?

  3. Tiktok_tiktok1225 says

    i really love asian boy and really love this website
    please let me ur member
    BTW, i love the number 2

  4. Christopher says

    #3 looks hot to me :)
    #6 is cute with a long tool too *drools*
    #9 has nice nipples and cock but i’d go with 6 overall 😀

  5. maike5 says

    3 and 7 for me. 7 has a very cute face – his dick is small, but I’m sure I could make it grow bigger :-)

    Thanks, McFish! I love your “random pics” posts with numbered photos — it’s always interesting to see which ones people like the best.

  6. yuulun says

    Number 6 is perfect! Sexy face, nice bod, lovely cock and I REALLY have a thing for guys with a lazy eye.

  7. ryandickloverryandicklover says

    3,4,6,8 for me… I’m lubing my ass for all the 4 dicks now… Come baby! my ass is hungry….

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