Asian Boys Getting Naked

Hi there! I’m back home’s nice and cool here compared to Asia :D Anyway got some Asian boys getting naked for today. Most of them (or maybe all) are Japanese.

Thanks Kelly for sharing these pics!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Will they have orgy party??



  2. love Japanese!

  3. gleneagles says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMM all that Japanese cock and all yummy
    im horny again tks McFsh

  4. Wow, it’s raining naked men. Halleluiah!

  5. Are they having a nude convention????

  6. anonymous says:

    2nd pic is your TYPICO LOCO scenario. people you would find in a shire party, a walk in a gay village or a trip to the sauna, a microcosm of our community.

  7. Dicks, and buns, and more dicks, got to love it.

  8. nice pics. nice the way they make me feel. and so nice of you to share
    thank you

  9. Goddddd!! love Japanese boys..

  10. oh, i love these guys !!!

  11. Great!

  12. i love this photo . i want do with all gay.

  13. pretty cool a nice alternative to cum shots thanks

  14. the bathtub one looks interesting lol

  15. nice

  16. hmm ..yummy …oh lala

  17. Very cute!

  18. thaiollie says:

    I wish I could find me a nice Japanese boy – yum, yum

  19. malakang says:

    I love this kind

  20. shinnysun says:

    I really love this set. so fun so excited haha

  21. kodagaga says:

    Love it!

  22. notsowiseonenotsowiseone says:

    Awesome pics mcfish love them all :-)

  23. Extraordinarilly hot post this time.
    Really love that low-hanging balls of the green socks guy showing his ass.

  24. Naked in public. I like it. Wow…those two guys sitting on the steps in pic 2…just my type.

  25. I love naked pics like this!!!

  26. Great set! Thank you for sharing.

  27. looks fun!

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  28. sinskipper says:

    I have seen the second pic around before and love it. Does anybody have a high resolution copy of it?

  29. i love these pics! Thanks!

  30. Love the rock and roll dude with the long hair. You know he is gonna get laid after the show. And yes, that bathtub looks like a lot of fun :)

  31. wsjjqxiaoq says:

    love those pic, so many nice body

  32. Wow that is interest activity.

  33. yamada2000 says:


  34. Sniff, sniff, sniff…lick, lick,lick…

  35. great photos

  36. I love japanese hot springs.
    All japanese boys naked without any shame.

  37. doc_strange says:


  38. I love when japos get drunk LOL

  39. nice naked amateurs

  40. kromers451 says:

    Hot guys

  41. ;-]

  42. mattokun says:

    Yeah they’re Japanese…Japanese men from Japan are very open minded fun, partying guys!

  43. love all of them.. thanks

  44. Very natural, love all ;)

  45. gioachino says:

    hot boys

  46. looks so hot.

  47. Some of them really look great especially the last one

  48. I have just one thing to say about the third pic… I JUMP IN IT!!!!

  49. rexsmithyyrexsmithyy says:

    ♥ japanese

  50. ryandickloverryandicklover says:

    Get them all in my room…. Lets do gang bang!

  51. mrchocolate says:


  52. billbean90 says:

    japan dick is always the best

  53. Allan lawrence says:

    Love them all, Japanese boys are just the very best.

  54. Asianmaleadmirer says:

    How I truly enjoy viewing pics of naked Asian guys and this collection of Asian male pics is the best I’ve seen.
    Thanks as always.

  55. Asianmaleadmirer says:

    How lucky these guys can be naked. How I would enjoy to come upon some of these naked guys!!!!!

  56. I went to several onsens and public see only elderly man and none seems to be gay. At least not a single erection. Wonder where the gay ones go.

  57. asianmaleadmirer says:

    I returned to the site to view good looking naked Asian guys. I especially like the pics when the guys are naked outdoors.

    Thanks for sharing photos of beautiful Asian guys.

  58. Asianmaleadmirer says:

    How I wish I could come upon a group of naked males in a hidden location!!!!!!
    Thanks again for the beautiful photos.

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