[S] Thai model Jacking Off

Guys, I thought I already posted this video but I didn’t find anything when trying to check some old posts. I definitely posted the photos before. He’s not bad..wont comment on his face but his body is good.

Im leaving on my trip today and please don’t send any email as I wont reply unless it’s emergency or something wrong with the site.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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[S] Thai model Jacking Off, 6.0 out of 10 based on 155 ratings


  1. lemery80 says

    Hmm ..love these kind of videos..is there any website where I can join and watch. I love Thai boys in particular. Thanks Mcfish! you make me happy everyday! Muahhh

  2. asianmaleadmirer says

    I really enjoy the pics and videos of guys being nude outdoors and jerking off. Thanks for posting these pics and videos.

  3. hunky2man says

    luv this type of vids. McFish, any softcore behind the scene for Thai Magazines like KFM, Firms, Needs, Doors, Hey Etc…. Do share them if u have…thks

  4. thaiollie says

    It just confirms for me that Thai guys are the best – well so are Japanese guys, and Korean, and Singaporean and Taiwnese and Chinese …. Oh all Asian men are hot
    Thanks McFish

  5. RabbitRabbit says

    Must have been quite a balancing act for the camera man. And stimulating it is still now, for the rest of us, with an almost lyrical touch at some moments. “Take me to the water…” – (remember the melody of this Blues from bygone days?). Thanks, McFish, for taking my memory back to the water.

  6. whitesauce says

    your wearing me out Mc Fish watching these horny young men but i love jacking off watchng these beautiful young men tks once more Mc Fish

  7. allfreddie says

    If only Ang Lee had included a scene like that in Life of Pi. Good soundtrack, lovely setting, the camera work leaves a bit to be desired but what a fantastic cock!

    • Hassan says

      At one side ‘yes’, but after all ‘No’, because the film would certainly been banned in al those SE Asian countries.
      In Singapore the even plastered the minimal dick of the michael angelo’s dick on the copy in the Singapore museum. I saw the same in Hong Kong in the statue ‘The hand of God’. Young Asian’s are horny and good looking, older Asian’s are ugly as hell, lose the appetite for sex, forget their dick and become extremely prude.

      • Hassan says

        minimal dick of the michael angelo’s dick on the copy in the
        read as
        minimal dick of the michael angelo’s DAVID on the copy in the

  8. mikee4723 says

    Love his face as he gets into orgasm, he’s really in ecstacy – just turned the volume up, and yes, enjoyed his moaning too

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