Pinoy Boy Jerks Off

Guys, I arrived safely and feeling very lazy now. Anyway a while ago I posted a clip of this Pinoy boy jerking off. There are 3 more clips but I combined them into one since each one is short. I got these clips a long time ago but they were buried in my hidden folder. I don’t check my hidden folders much until I travel 😀 I found a few more folders lol

Quality isn’t as good as the first one but still watchable.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Pinoy Boy Jerks Off, 7.0 out of 10 based on 223 ratings


  1. C says

    Wow, he’s hot! And smart enough to make eye contact with the camera, unlike a number of others I’ve seen recently….

  2. anonymous says

    another gem from the oldies but goodies file. this boy titillates numb senses brought about by a long dreary winter. i have philippinoys friends mention manila as a hot gay spot in asia. true or fantasy?

  3. loveboy264loveboy264 says

    He is hot!! and his face is cute too.
    I wonder if there are any other videos of him with better quality. Looking forward to it. :)

  4. C says

    Yes, Manila is an amazing gay destination. When I was there, there was a bathhouse called “Farenheit” that I could have happily lived in forever….

    • yuulun says

      Are all the guys in Manilla rent boys (or less savoury types), or is it possible to actually meet a local for old-fashioned no-strings mutual fun? I love Asia but I’m very careful about who I agree to meet. I don’t want to take advantage of anyone or (especially) vice-versa.

  5. helliaonthefloor says

    hmmm love the eyebrows….. my internet suck try to buffer the video but taking to long so I give up…. well I’ll definitely put it in my must watch list hahhahaha

    • RabbitRabbit says

      Right you are, Eddie.. Am tempted to add: And vulgar, without .giving away his decency – such is the privilege of youth!

  6. yuulun says

    I’ve loved this hottie since I found his vids on Xtube. Add to bucket list: spend a hot Manilla night (or two) with this dude.

  7. zak21zak21 says

    the dark skin of this boy makes that cum really shine in this clips!

    pinoys are such hotties (being a pinoy also. ;D)

    thanks mcfish! continue the treasure hunt for those buried folders!

  8. RabbitRabbit says

    What an extraordinarily sensual gag putting his face and mouth at centre stage of the act. Sooo hottt tt t !!!

  9. raindarwin says

    nice cum eating. I wonder if the korean big dick ate his cum, seemed people would have gone crazy about it too lol.

  10. eriouserious says

    His gaze are fucking hot man! OMG
    In the first video, I get turn on when he licked the cumm and it was reaaaaally sticky. Umph. That cum.
    In the second video his body is so wet i love it. And he shot his cum into his mouth. HOW CAN THAT BE NOT DELICIOUS.
    The cum in the third video is the awesomest. I like that milky white colour. Umph


  11. alleyboy says

    Several years ago I was in Manila and just walking in the mall I saw lots of really gorgeous hot young boys my dick was hard the whole time. Heard later that some of those hot hot young boys are actually hustlers or rent boys. I manage to pick a guy up from the bar, he was good in bed, really really good and he aimed to please you. I’d never forget that trip. The Thai boys I had a few years back were good too but nothing like this Filipino guy I had. Wish I could have him 4ever.

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