Pinoy Boy Jerks Off

Guys, I arrived safely and feeling very lazy now. Anyway a while ago I posted a clip of this Pinoy boy jerking off. There are 3 more clips but I combined them into one since each one is short. I got these clips a long time ago but they were buried in my hidden folder. I don’t check my hidden folders much until I travel :D I found a few more folders lol

Quality isn’t as good as the first one but still watchable.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Pinoy Boy Jerks Off, 6.9 out of 10 based on 205 ratings


  1. Wow, he’s hot! And smart enough to make eye contact with the camera, unlike a number of others I’ve seen recently….

  2. anonymous says:

    another gem from the oldies but goodies file. this boy titillates numb senses brought about by a long dreary winter. i have philippinoys friends mention manila as a hot gay spot in asia. true or fantasy?

  3. The cream of the crop, the icing on the cake, the star of the show, meet the guy from the Philippines! Clap, clap, clap!

  4. rexsmithyy rexsmithyy says:

    i’ve seen him do shows.he says he wants to be a pornstar or some sort. ♥

  5. He is hot indeed and shoot lots too. ♥

  6. loveboy264 loveboy264 says:

    He is hot!! and his face is cute too.
    I wonder if there are any other videos of him with better quality. Looking forward to it. :)

  7. He looks so young… with baby body

  8. Thats what Im talking about! Where can I get more! More I say sir McFish! More I tell you

  9. krebs2012 says:

    Very very hottttt;)

  10. Yummy …… So sexy ..

  11. Nice to see a sweet young guy enjoying his work so much :)

  12. tawny_owl says:

    Very hot and highly enjoyable………..many thanks.

  13. peknees2009 says:

    He looks sooooooooooo familiar… I’m thinking where I met him in the Philippines….

  14. boombbom says:

    what is his name?????

  15. Yes, Manila is an amazing gay destination. When I was there, there was a bathhouse called “Farenheit” that I could have happily lived in forever….

    • Are all the guys in Manilla rent boys (or less savoury types), or is it possible to actually meet a local for old-fashioned no-strings mutual fun? I love Asia but I’m very careful about who I agree to meet. I don’t want to take advantage of anyone or (especially) vice-versa.

  16. kodomolove says:

    I like his skin

  17. vera321 says:

    fuck his cum would really quench my thirst for sperm any time!

  18. Thanks!

  19. gioachino says:

    cute guy

  20. charles0677 says:

    Now that’s my kind of dirty boy! Five stars! More please!!!

  21. pancactus pancactus says:

    awesome.. i like it.. thx McFish

  22. lkg4playmate lkg4playmate says:

    Pure eye candy :()

  23. Kelly77 Kelly77 says:

    Cute and hot boy


  25. helliaonthefloor says:

    hmmm love the eyebrows….. my internet suck try to buffer the video but taking to long so I give up…. well I’ll definitely put it in my must watch list hahhahaha

  26. handsome and great cock
    if i see him i would like to eat that sperm.

  27. young, fast n furious!

    • Right you are, Eddie.. Am tempted to add: And vulgar, without .giving away his decency – such is the privilege of youth!

  28. hahalolo says:

    gr8 dick

  29. mattokun says:

    He is cute! He sure came a lot on last one!

  30. Orinoco says:

    Quite nice, andI love to see a guy eat his own load.

  31. yaoiboy00 says:

    oh shiz! Yum

  32. jaysonlyasianboys says:

    I want some of that in my mouth!

  33. blownaway says:

    I’d like to see him do quite a bit more than sit down! :3

  34. Not goodlooking enough for me…. But I like his dick. Harharharhat…

    Tnx McFish c”,)

  35. I wanna eat the cum!!

  36. He is ADORABLE and so YUMMY ~

  37. Nice thick cock on him, yummy!

  38. Cute and blazing hot! Love when a man eats his spunk. I wish these posts came with contact info!

  39. hawkster873 says:

    Fucking cute boy. Wanna fuck him hard!

  40. Adorable and sexy!!!!!

  41. Nice fat cock head

  42. I’ve loved this hottie since I found his vids on Xtube. Add to bucket list: spend a hot Manilla night (or two) with this dude.

  43. more filipinos please. i just love this site!

  44. kimjunhwa says:

    Wow from my very own country.

    Hahaha love it. Thanks mc fish

  45. Oh my god! This guy is so hot!

  46. gabriel7272 says:

    yummy dick..

  47. the dark skin of this boy makes that cum really shine in this clips!

    pinoys are such hotties (being a pinoy also. ;D)

    thanks mcfish! continue the treasure hunt for those buried folders!

  48. manmandetanqin says:

    OMG! i LUV this pinoy cutie! Thanks for posting Mcfish! <3

  49. whitesauce says:

    Wow SO HOT now need to go to sauna to get my rocks off

  50. Such a sexy guy, love his hot cock too!

  51. slytherin says:


  52. very hot mcfish…. thanks 4 the free viewing… still want to be a member here. please..

  53. qtjason316 says:

    He’s pretty cute and hot.

  54. parttimelover1978 says:

    Suckable dick…Love it…please keep cumming for more!!!!

  55. love his hot cumm shoots right into his mouth…perfect score!!!

  56. shinnysun says:

    nice shoot

  57. wow such a nice hot horny guy…just waiting for someone like me..LOL

  58. What an extraordinarily sensual gag putting his face and mouth at centre stage of the act. Sooo hottt tt t !!!

  59. coolheadz says:

    love your video clips McFish!!

  60. coolfit86 says:

    proud to be PINOY. MABUHAY!

  61. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    Boy is HOT :-)

  62. Eromenos719 says:

    Super twink I like mushrooms.

  63. squadalfa says:

    he’s my favorite :P

  64. inuyashasf says:

    Adorable !!!

  65. Such a naughty boy! lol…

  66. nuwaveharlot says:

    oooh just my type, thank ou!

  67. Like this guy

  68. kukurokuku says:

    you know you’ve watched too much porn when faces become too familiar. thanks tho!

  69. jmdanwild says:

    Young & hot!

  70. Real hotty, love the cum shot

  71. Great looking kid..enjoyed all of him..

  72. great hotdog!

  73. bottombleau says:

    Well he’s very handsome!

  74. raindarwin says:

    nice cum eating. I wonder if the korean big dick ate his cum, seemed people would have gone crazy about it too lol.

  75. Hot show!

  76. asiansucker fransfrns says:

    i want him..

  77. His gaze are fucking hot man! OMG
    In the first video, I get turn on when he licked the cumm and it was reaaaaally sticky. Umph. That cum.
    In the second video his body is so wet i love it. And he shot his cum into his mouth. HOW CAN THAT BE NOT DELICIOUS.
    The cum in the third video is the awesomest. I like that milky white colour. Umph


  78. bryansteel says:

    I want to keep him at home for myself :P

  79. like!

  80. JMkmllovz says:

    he’s not a good looking guy but well he has something hahahah thanks for everything!

  81. wallysfo wallysfo says:

    Nice to see another big shooter… : )

  82. Substantial says:


  83. qiaofagreen says:

    Salamat Mr McFish, Salamat Po!!!

  84. Gwapo111222 says:


  85. Gwapo111222 says:

    Manila a city that has alot to offer.. I love

  86. I think this guy likes to perform!

  87. monolo_z says:

    he looks more cute than than the last clip

  88. waccorocks waccorocks says:

    Pinoy Pride . so proud to be pinoy ….

  89. Yummy, suck him dry

  90. handsome

  91. Wanderer Wanderer says:

    He is super hot! And seems fun

  92. Yummy dick guy, luv it!!! :)

  93. He is Filipino. his shots are great. especially the second vid that his semen is pouring into his mouth.

  94. damn, that is hella hot

  95. alleyboy says:

    Several years ago I was in Manila and just walking in the mall I saw lots of really gorgeous hot young boys my dick was hard the whole time. Heard later that some of those hot hot young boys are actually hustlers or rent boys. I manage to pick a guy up from the bar, he was good in bed, really really good and he aimed to please you. I’d never forget that trip. The Thai boys I had a few years back were good too but nothing like this Filipino guy I had. Wish I could have him 4ever.

  96. wendelinlin27 says:

    i want him to be my BF ……

  97. iloveasians says:

    keep him cumming!!

  98. frankie189 says:

    He’s good at it.. so seductive..

  99. bekz409 says:

    he’s really yummy!!! i like how he shoots his cum into his mouth!!

  100. love your big dickhead…wanna suck

  101. Iknow his tumblr.. his Insta and even his fb. He’s a med student/therapist sort of.

  102. Luv this boy. sexy!

  103. Yuulun, you are right. But rent boys are the same anywhere Ive been. Their needs usually come first, not yours.

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