Asian Muscle Man Peter Le in Room With a View

Check out another trailer video of this hot Asian porn star Peter Le. I’m still waiting to see him in a real hardcore action!

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Asian Muscle Man Peter Le in Room With a View, 7.0 out of 10 based on 39 ratings


  1. A tease? hahahaha

  2. Very cute……and a great ass!

  3. great peter le!

  4. Hot and sexy. Want to see him in real action! Arghhh

  5. Stunningly handsome

  6. berkeleyboy says:

    Is that all? Too short clip… More please…

  7. Not bad…. but his muscles don’t look nice..ㅠㅠ

  8. big tease

  9. cool… ^_^

  10. weihaosuns says:

    Omg! Pornstar~

  11. borgy11000 borgy11000 says:


  12. Just what I need this morning. Thanks.

  13. kodomolove says:

    Peter I wanna be you

  14. Refreshing, but he looks like my nephew. XD
    He’s still cute though.

  15. asianmaleadmirer says:

    I wouldn’t mind see him “perform” his tricks!!!
    I am really fascinated with Peter.

  16. Asianmaleadmirer says:

    I can watch Mr Le many many times.
    He is so HOT.

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