Shirtless Asian Boys

Hi there! How are you? I wasn’t online much last 2 days so sorry for late reply to all email. I got a bad headache from working out..don’t know why I suddenly get it every time and it lasts until the next day. I’ve been having a really bad sleep.. :( Looks like I need to do sme research before it gets worse..Anyway some pics of shirtless Asian boys for today.

McFish Loves Asian Guys

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  1. Destiny says

    I don’t know why, but i just really prefered asian boys than american. Anyway i hope you get well sooner. More Power to you and your site.

    • Fish says

      I’ve been with both Caucasian & Asian and would say that Asian guys are more sweet..and most of them (including me 😀 ) have smooth skin which I can lick all day LOL

  2. okies says

    omg i really like the first guy soooooo cute hehehehehehee
    wow so asian are better? hehehehe
    hmmm licking sounds like fun hehehehehe

  3. heaven leigh says

    damn that top guy is fine haha i would like to tap that haha…..i like asian guys cause i lived in thailand for a part of my life haha…my friends think im a freak haha but they have no idea

  4. Jules says

    Wow, the guy in the middle is hot! The first guy is pretty nice too. I think 2009 is going to have to be they year i finally visit Asia! China and Thailand especially.

    I hope this website has significant coverage of the asian male swimmers in the olympics! :)

  5. AllylicShift says

    The guy on top is SO CUTE!! Do anyone happen to know what his name is? Is he a model? Where is he from? AHH!!! HE IS SO HOT!!

    • sstt says

      ahem, all those eyeing the guy at the top, well u are in luck. he’s from s’pore and he is GAY (u muz be cheering now)… however i WON’T reveal all the personal info abt him. good bye!

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