Asian Boy Jacking Off Clip

Hi are you? Been very busy since yesterday…quick update with this short clip of an Asian boy jacking off… He could be Pinoy? If not, maybe Latino :P

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. i hope i can be registered here too. really want to watch this.. thx!

  2. hot :)

  3. Very hot young man, thanks McFish!

  4. Wanking is like yawning, when you see someone else do it you want to do it yourself.

  5. nice

  6. berkeleyboy says:

    hahaha. explosive and messy stuff…

  7. great, love to service him

  8. hot young handsome stud – wish he cum on my face – so delicious

  9. so much cum..

  10. waw…. thats cool

  11. I have been waiting for registered code for a long time hope u can post it soon ,plz~~badly love this site

  12. hot.

  13. raindarwin says:

    definitely not a latino, bcoz of his chinky eyes. Could be from southeast asia. Yeah pinoy maybe or vietnamese?
    Nonetheless, thank you McFish for feeding us lots of cums. More power to this site. And more cum please. Hahahahah.

  14. Great shot! I’d like to lick up every drop.

  15. So young yet so …….. Hahahahah

    Tnx McFish B-)

  16. nice. ;D

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  17. hmmmm nice cumshot!

  18. Nice , luv him…..thanks.

  19. I wanna lick all that cum!!! :)

  20. Yummy yummy

  21. Hot guy but he’s got zombie face. I’d yank those headphones off, throw that cap across the room, suck him silly, and then fuck him til he’s thrashing and moaning. His face would be alive when I’m done with him.

  22. I think he looks a bit like routine, no excitement

  23. I love asians. thanks fish for fun you provide..

  24. Love it…hot

  25. extremeaznlove says:

    He is mixed. Local boy from Hawaii. Name is Koa Orquia. He’s got Filipino, Chinese, Hawaiian, Spanish, etc mix lol.

  26. Mario Lopez Mario Lopez says:

    He is AVERAGE looking guy.

  27. Hot Guy, beautiful body and hot cock.

  28. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    he is ok

  29. I am possitive the he is pinoy. Ilove pinoy. He is so cute

  30. I likey. No complaints here.
    I love filo.

  31. Very, very sexy

  32. Could be a pinoy…. or indonesian?

  33. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    Hot thanks mcfish

  34. nuwaveharlot says:

    perfect! i’ve seen these photos but have been searching endlessly for the vid. cant wait to watch

  35. Any top guys here!? Lets Jerk in skype! Add me brenz.bautista

  36. Yum cum

  37. hands off … he’s mine :):)

  38. lopburi150 says:

    Good boy

  39. iloveasians says:

    hot cum shot!

  40. Brownies with milk. I love that dessert.

  41. truely hot and fantastic. wew!

  42. asianhunk_69 says:

    He’s Filipino. To begin with, he’s cut and 90% of Filipinos are.

  43. Nice ang hot naman

  44. Cat on a hot tin roof..meow! thanks McFish

  45. islandsnizzoh says:

    so hot thanks mcfish!!!

  46. inwxiah says:

    He so awesome how can I doweling pls !!!

  47. he have long finger , that always mean a nice long cock.

  48. islandsnizzoh says:


  49. Great video! Love your collection McFish!

  50. cutenhette4real says:

    i’d love to sit on top of him

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