Cute Asian Model

Hi there! Got some pics of a cute Asian model for today..looks twinkish..

Not sure what’s wrong with the light there lol so annoying.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Cute Asian Model, 6.6 out of 10 based on 167 ratings


  1. milky skin..

  2. all I can say is yummy

  3. He’s so young & freshT_T Me sooooooo very much likey……:-D

    Tnx McFish :-)

  4. thank McFish :D
    so yummy TT___________TT

  5. kevsgarden says:

    More please!

  6. so cute! so young!

  7. He is so adorable. ><

  8. great site, awesome fresh young boy and all the best for you McFish. l

  9. deliciously fresh meat. love this boy.

  10. Just gorgeous..

  11. Indochine88 says:

    Tender, juicy, and tasty! :-)

  12. Yum yum!!

  13. love him…so cute!

  14. berkeleyboy says:

    Just like a big and cute baby boy… (but with pubic hairs!!!!)

  15. I’m not sure how I feel about this one.

  16. nadinelockheart nadinelockheart says:

    Cute. I there a vid?

  17. andy_kwan andy_kwan says:

    I’ve seen this video.
    Big,Big,Big Surprise.

  18. Well, a boy to dream of tonight. This is the kind of person a really really like.

  19. Wow! What beauty !!!

  20. ahrigumihox says:

    awww no video? :(

  21. So very cute. love that little patch of pubic hair. Makes me horny.

  22. CUTE!!!!!!!

  23. love to tie him on the bed…

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  24. dickboy75 says:

    CUTE!! CUTE!! CUTE!!

  25. great!!!

  26. All I can say is he’s wearing a wig!

  27. luvasia2009 says:

    yum yum

  28. Heaven must be missing an angel…

  29. What a dream boy……… totally

  30. cuyukangkang says:

    what’s kind the magazine from??

  31. delectable young guy omnomnom

  32. kevynonline says:

    OMG…cute as a button

  33. Sailorboy says:

    Very nice, both the Cambodian boy yesterday and this one today…its driving me crazy ! Love it all !!!

  34. yummy… no clip eh?

  35. Sweet! great body, cute face, and big full balls. Yum, slurp…

  36. doc_strange says:

    This boy is gorgeous!

  37. So hot good looking!

  38. sweet boy.

  39. Have seen the video..he is cute and fresh looking.

  40. Oh I think I fall inlove.
    Its gonna make me more crazy if he got a video jacking off. This is the kind of a guy whom I want to eat the sperm. Hahahahahaha.

  41. He is precious and beautiful even with the over exposed light. Thanks Mc Fish!

  42. Guys I havent seen this video yet..will post if I get it.


  43. nice he looks so cute..:p

  44. Ugh too much light but he’s super cute!!!!

  45. Super yummy

  46. hes cute,,

  47. so da*n hot

  48. soft2hard8 soft2hard8 says:

    i like the eyes

  49. love him. would love to see him on video.

  50. that’s beautylicious,,,

  51. licious :P

  52. TERMINATOR says:

    Pure and fresh.
    Can we see the video of this boy if any Mcfish !

  53. He is so adorable.

  54. cute dick he has McFish! but where is his video despite the annoying lighting? lol~

  55. cute innocence boy

  56. Such an innocent face. Let me adopt you.

  57. cute

  58. he is cute!

  59. Simply adorable! I love his angelic face. I don’t like the tattoo.

  60. sorwiwat says:

    thanks a lot. I love it.

  61. samtom31 says:

    beautiful, fresh young face and body
    would love to see a vid

  62. More of him, please Mcfish

  63. he’s so cute, wanna see his clip.

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