Big Dicked Cambodian Guy Behind The Scene Video

Hi there! Got a behind the scene clip of this Asian model. The model isn’t that hot but I think it’s interesting since he’s Cambodian and has a very big dick. I believe I never really posted Cambodian guys before. He showed his passport in the clip (weird) but that part is chopped off.

The quality isn’t that great at fast motion but there is nothing I can do…sorry about that.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Big Dicked Cambodian Guy Behind The Scene Video, 7.1 out of 10 based on 370 ratings


  1. He is a very handsome man with a lovely body.

  2. kevsgarden says:

    I think he’s quite hot… and he looks a little Thai also

  3. ilovetigers says:

    yeah, i believe so.. nice body

  4. Hot. I’m in love.

  5. tawny_owl says:

    A handsome guy without doubt and the clip quality is perfectly acceptable. So please post more Cambodian clips like this for our collective appreciation. Thanks McFish.

  6. WOW!!!!!! WHEW!!! Thanks McFish =-O

  7. he looks like Cambodian guy, but he is not, he is Thai. why i’m really sure, coz Thai people are more open than about gay sex, not complain but want to show my opinion that i like thai guy, like them sex style, so hot, if you had ever visited Thailand before, you also knew well about it, Thai guy so hot, so sexy…………nothing to say more than i like thai guy very much.

    • Thailand and Cambodia share a common border, sometimes the people look the same.
      Where ever he comes from he can come over me anytime.

  8. anonymous says:

    this dewy eyed cambodian is a break from the chinkie eyed koreans we had been savouring the past posts. its not a complaint (dont get me wrong) but an appreciation. a delight to see especially during this dead of winter we are having now (windchill -25C).

  9. Now that is nice! And I’m in Cambodia this week.

  10. Hot guy with huge dick!

  11. bryansteel says:

    I love him :)

  12. WoWW!!!!! He looks hot!!! I LOVE IT!! :D

  13. Indochine88 says:

    Nice to sit on that cock. :-0

  14. beautiful cock ~ I could choke on that – nice guy in hot action j/o

  15. giant uncut penis for this Cambodian twink… hot…

  16. cool!

  17. love it McFish. It is so nice.

  18. Hard to find words for THE CLIP OF THE YEAR !!! – “Purity of Lust”, perhaps? Want to embark on a voyage of dreams going to the land of the Khmer and find him, just for that purity embodied in this clip. Thanks for it, dear McFish, thank you for this real gem in my collection.

  19. Kamdock68 says:

    Proud of him, awesomest !
    I wish I meet him someday. Thanks McFish

  20. manjalteng says:

    I love that thick cock. He’s so my type! I’m in love.. And turned on. Thanks McFish!

  21. Wow! Thanks very much McFish for a great post.

  22. Huge cock ! :) TY Mcfish

  23. Great body and eevn greater prick – A verrrrrrry nice clip to warm things up here in Canada today – thanks for posting – much appreciated

  24. Wow….he has big long red dick….omg…nice combo..cute face too

  25. So proud to see this post!
    (I’m a cambodian too)

  26. We are not small Cambodia!! The Kingdom of Wonder

  27. Gorgeous face!

  28. Nice bod!

    Thanks mcfish! ; D

  29. He is gorgeous! And that cock must be about 10% of his body weight.
    It makes me want to visit Cambodia

  30. docheaven says:


  31. I’m a Cambodian and I’ve got to say it’s really really really rare to find a Cambodian porn or anything related to sex.


  33. kodomolove says:

    Beautiful beach

  34. that’s great,, gimme more handsome guys like him :P

  35. qiaofagreen says:

    The background music is superb!

  36. Oh, fucking hot!!!!!!!!! I want to sit on his beautiful cock, balls-deep, while he fills my ass with his cum. YUM!

  37. asianhunk_69 says:

    McFish, he is handsome. He is an all-in-one package. :)

  38. waving_flag says:

    nice cock!!!

  39. gioachino says:


  40. Awesome as always

  41. Love it! Gifted!

  42. He’s really, really hot!

  43. Perfect!

  44. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    Gotta say I find him quite HOT mcfish thank :)

  45. sanookboy says:

    Cute, handsome, sexy bod, great cock… WOW… love this guy! Thanks!

  46. Ruggedly handsome, chiseled body and gorgeous big cock….I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!

  47. mcfish, this post is one of the best. pls give us more like him – great body, handsome face and big dick – what more can you ask for – except a nice bed with him. i will swallow his cum and have his dick all night. now i am really horny.

  48. like~

  49. No, he is not Cambodian. No matter what, I never believe that. It is not his first issue magazine and I saw him b4 in another clip. He is Thai and don’t even look like Cambodian.

  50. he is Cambodian , cos i saw him in Cambodia too, now i am in Cambodia — Siem Reap province…. please post more Cambodian guys,,,

  51. good looks…nice cock…

  52. big one.

  53. looooong dick..

  54. A very nice guy and nice clip

  55. Saw him in Cambodia? I believe if the word is in ur palm. That sounds like Cambodia is so small that u can easily meet a model here.
    I don’t know y but the only reason he showed his passport is Thai people just want to show that they got Cambodian naked boy here. I don’t know y Thai people have to do that, like the founder said, it’s weird but there is no doubt that Thai don’t like Cambodian.

  56. mc_flurry says:

    Super handsome dude !!
    No matter where he came from though , i just hope there’s a better video quality
    Anyway thanks mcfish

  57. I want feel his dick in my mouth

  58. I viewed the vid this night. It was an acceptable vid of a good looking guy. Whay don’t we see this kind og guys in real life. Because there are not that much of lucky guys?

  59. Andrewkhmer says:

    ah i am Cambodian but i have never seen naked Cambodian guy
    thanks MC

  60. His gift of a tool aside, I think he’s actually quite handsome.

  61. johnjoe297 says:


  62. omg i love his big cock!

  63. i want him!!!

  64. kevin adriano kevin adriano says:

    Thanks mcfish I love it.
    What a fucking hot guy. nice body, nice face and nice big dick
    yuuuuum :3

  65. hot video and pics, nice guy.


    if the owner of the site said he’s Cambodian, he’s Cambodian…get a grip!

    there are thousands of Thai porn from here and anywhere, can you give this one to the Cambodians?

    gawd, some people are TOO nationalistic.

  66. saigonhouston says:

    Looks like Phi Phi Island beach (Phuket).

  67. Quite interesting, this is the first Cambodian porn I have ever seen.
    He also has a great body and even greater personal belonging (O_o).

  68. Hooot!

  69. I love how his cock stayed hard after he came. It’s so big he could lower his head just a bit and cum on his own face. Mmmmm :P

  70. There are many like him all over Cambodia- handsome, hung and not up themselves like most of the Thai ‘models’.

  71. He is hot thai model

  72. wendelinlin27 says:


  73. Wow, so handsome and so hot. I thought I choked myself sucking that huge cock of his.

  74. thanxxxx

  75. that is BIG!

  76. iloveasians says:

    very handsome!

  77. iam19yearsold says:

    nice dick..

  78. so hotttt

  79. i love him very much and i m cambodia too
    Thank you

  80. dara kunTHY says:

    i dont think he is cambodian , is malaysia .

  81. i love u

  82. ditho syahreza says:

    i love him.,,,,,,so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,, and hes STRAIGHT, coz hes watching straight sex movies,,,,,,

  83. the pride of asian man with his horse hung sized dick

  84. Great guy

  85. Hawt. And, that’s the biggest Cambodian salami I have even seen :-)

  86. ilikethathing ilikethathing says:

    fuck me please !

  87. xiaobii1992 says:

    wow, it is BIG and he is so smooth~ <3 it

  88. I think he is very hot actually!

  89. sorwiwat says:

    I love it, thanks a lot.

  90. like to watch this video over & over again !!!

  91. Why am I here again? Yeah right, cause I love this one. Thanks Sir McFish

  92. love him so much!

  93. chhun raphun says:

    He was the 24th Cambodian was picked shoot the film. He’s from PP. I was there when he was film. There are more Khmer boy there that has much bigger dick than him – I mean from 6 to 7.8 inches and 6.5 big. Of course alot Thai guys was there too. It was fun.

  94. samtom31 says:

    a beautiful man with an incredible physique

  95. angel1988 says:

    He is well endowed, and handsome too

  96. sockutitE_15 says:

    I LOVE HIM!!! :D

  97. hoobeewon says:


  98. Kulup88 says:


  99. By listening to the background music, I think he is Khmer Sorin, Cambodian minority in Thailand.
    You can also find lots of guys like him in Cambodia, even hotter than him!

  100. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    Great cilp

  101. Manly and such a big dick, yummy love it. Thank you for sharing

  102. looks cool, malay face with latinos cock. looks like his hair little bit red, perhaps mix blod

  103. thats acute guy, malay face with latinos cock

  104. coffee mate says:

    big dick and beautiful too…

  105. I saw this guy in person in Bangkok. He was or maybe still is a gogo boy in Bangkok at a bar near Silom. I have taken him for the evening 4 times and he is very hot. He is indeed Cambodian.

  106. is it khmer ?

  107. Well if he is Cambodian he’s Cambodian don’t try to change his Nationality my question is when you see an Asian guys with a big cock you think only Thai guys that have those kind of meats ? peace to ya all !

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