Big Dicked Asian Boy Jacks Off

Hi there! How are you? I’m pretty sure that some of you have seen this cute Korean boy with big dick before and possible this clip too. I first saw this clip long time ago but no cumshot. Thats why I decided not to post. I just got this full one and hope it’s not too late to post on Only Asian Boys.. He’s quite cute and has nice big dick. If he works out a bit, he will be quite hot I think.

I also have his other videos too which I will be posting.

Have a lovely weekend guys!

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McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. You’re right McFish..

    His cute face and giant dick will be a complete package if he has a great muscle too..

  2. nice

  3. rexsmithyy rexsmithyy says:

    seeing his first photo made me love him already ♥ then he released his package.i was like, OMG MARRY ME ♥

    • Poor Rexsmithy:
      If a big dick is for you a reason to get married, you are in for a big desillusion in your life

  4. Yeah, big dick, :P. Good job!

  5. kingmakara says:

    perfect guy

  6. soldierdick says:

    My one guy.

  7. Big thick cock, so nice to watch….

  8. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Shitt!!! His so cute!!! I Like!!!!

  10. Korean boys are so hot.

  11. muaaaakkkk!!!!

  12. thealvitch thealvitch says:

    Omg!! Thats all i can say

  13. he is soooooo sweeeeet!!!

  14. anonymous says:


  15. Thank you for yet another great post! Would love to help this guy out. Hehehe

  16. O_O’

  17. Heaven must be missing an angel!

  18. Truly handsome…i luv hm…

  19. Cute indeed!

  20. this guy really makes my day.


  22. Wow!! I’d love to sit on that cock, balls-deep! Great body, nice bush, perfect cock……HOT!!!

  23. Cute guy; too bad we don’t get to see more of his face. That’s the only problem with self-filming using a webcam.

  24. qiaofagreen says:

    With a face and dick like that who cares about muscles! Ha Ha thanks Mr McFish for another great vid!

  25. A lovely cock, nice body as well.

  26. berkeleyboy says:

    Humongous cock indeed!!!

  27. A rather tasty fistful and mouthful, indeed. Ohh come here – wanna kiss your face and do it FOR YOU !!! (…but without this apalling ****ing webcam, for sure)

  28. nice

  29. Korean guys have real big tool

  30. I want him

  31. It’s never too late to post anything like this McFish;-) Thanks a zillionB-)

  32. gioachino says:


  33. Why did it take him 12min.& 30sec. to come? I wanted to taste his cum already :-):-):-)

  34. it’s really turning me on! >.< OPPAAA!

  35. OMG…this I love to …..yummmy…

  36. so cute and his cock is so big,

  37. inuyashasf says:

    Soooooo cute , you can post vids photos or whatever of him all day and all night and I would be very happy.

  38. he’s so cute, thanks McFish

  39. so sensual in stroking the shaft!

  40. docheaven says:

    Young and cute

  41. Thanks! I was looking for it forever!!! ^^

  42. So cute and a fantastic cock!

  43. Kimbokjeun Kimbokjeun says:

    Cute n big dick… I like

  44. I love his mushroom n wante to lick it. Thnx for posted the clip.

  45. What a hottie. I want to work that magnificent cock with both my holes.

  46. doc_strange says:

    His cute and has a big cock. What more can you ask for. Thanks.

  47. he’s so cute! omg!

  48. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    Such a hottie love his big thick cock :)

  49. charles0677 says:


  50. Cute boy with huge fat and long dick….. i love it…..he can fuck me anytime!

  51. he’s cute and has a huge dick i’d love to suck! it’ll also be great wif he works out more ;)

  52. kkd_abatol says:


  53. Sorry, I must disagree. This was absolutely boring and he was totally lifeless. Why did he even bother?

  54. akosiichigo08 says:

    he’s cute :)
    i like him…

  55. i love his cute face and big cock

  56. ah so cute..nice body, cut dick too o.O i like korean cute korean guys ><

  57. putra_gay says:

    cant agree more,,this kiki is marvelous :)

  58. nintendojulius12 nintendojulius12 says:

    Oh my god what a hot korean I’m so inlove

  59. thailover says:

    I note most posts like this guy, but afriad I agree with AZTEC69…..a lifeless performance………….sorry.

  60. So juicy. I want to suck that hard.

  61. kawaiidesu0 kawaiidesu0 says:


  62. Perfect.

  63. harrybest says:


  64. beauty69_des says:

    LOVE IT! cute guy nice cum shot…

  65. Really young and cute nice dick

  66. OMG!!! he looks like my friend on FB. Gosh, didn’t know that he was such a biggie.

  67. wooww..nice cock!

  68. He IS cute!

    Thanks mcfish!

  69. chinese_elmo says:

    thanks mcfish! best post ever! super like this video 10/10 bravo!

  70. simply one of the hottest dudes you’ve posted so far. thanks for sharing.

  71. This ciip does not sexually aroused ME.
    He is just kind op nice icebag, to take home from the shop with the supplied handle.
    Even the boys I paid in BKK are more charming.
    2/10 for this clip.

  72. Hot. Can’t wait for the others.

  73. I would love him to pound my ass

  74. I’ll eat him just as he is, muscles or not!

  75. hey anon with comment :
    “kung hey fat choi”
    i think the trnslation isn’t what u mean
    are u joking??? hahaha………………….

    btw,love this korean boy so much
    his face is really cute,i think he is perfect coz i don’t like big muscle

  76. wow so yummy

  77. Super hot and cute! ~

  78. wow cute guy thank you McFish

  79. Nice one! Thanks

  80. he’s so cute…. muuahhh…

  81. mc_flurry says:

    Cuteness overload ..

  82. ilovetigers says:

    he’s a korean right?

  83. so handsome.. :)

  84. I lost his clip from my broken laptop, I’ve been searching for his clip again but unfortunately I can’t find one. Now I can have him again, thank you so much for posting Mcfish! :)

  85. OMG! So cute

  86. Dreamboy!!!!! :)

  87. just an angelic face for a demonic dick.
    totally love him !

  88. emomuffins says:


  89. phamvinguyen says:

    He’s cote… love his cock

  90. AsianMen4Me AsianMen4Me says:

    Nice looking guy.


  92. gabriel7272 says:

    cute guy with big cock.. yummy

  93. kodomolove says:

    Wow impress

  94. he’s so cute, i love him. but i kinda disappointed coz he don’t show his face when he cum.. :(
    perhaps McFish can upload his other clip, with his face showed until he cums.

  95. Nice

  96. So hot, very cute guy

  97. geniustab7 says:

    He is very fine looking but I wish the camera captured his face when cumming, I want to see his reaction on his face. I am more interesting on that than seeing his cum. Peace:)

  98. versailles says:

    Nicely Done~!

  99. cute

  100. he’s so cute! But that cock… *mouthwaters*

  101. he’s cuteee!

  102. iloveasians says:

    such huge dick! let me suck it!

  103. I really do love korean boys…
    love their dicks too… :D

  104. Nice

  105. ditho syahreza says:

    i love himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……,

  106. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    hot …huge penis

  107. love him

  108. Opp!!! so good boy like him.

  109. really nice!!!! WOW

  110. thanks! love him.

  111. cute boy

  112. ezekielong says:

    sooooo hot!!!

  113. he is so cute i want to take care of him!

  114. cute korean

  115. bioc1d3 says:

    These are great clips.

  116. hes got TALENT! haha

  117. I just luv this guy

  118. notpaolo says:

    He’s really cute!

  119. so sweet an handsome Thanks

  120. wow he looks really cute.. handsome and nice! If only we meet in rl~ haha

  121. it will be great if the vid actually comes with sound.. heh

  122. I wishi had him in my mouth.

  123. levinlao says:

    how can i get invites for this site?? please e-mail me..

  124. cool…
    how can i get the activation code for this site. if you dont mind please send me through my email. thanks before

  125. DAMN!!!!!!!! he is fucking hot!

  126. i badly want to be a member.. but how to get an invitation code?

  127. love his body

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  130. kampongboy123 says:

    This guy is really cute!

  131. Saranghae oppa


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