Asian Guy Jacking Off

Hi there! Another update today with this short clip of an Asian guy jacking off

Download: 6MB CLICK HERE
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McFish Loves Asian Boys

Asian Guy Jacking Off, 6.5 out of 10 based on 137 ratings


  1. mc_flurry says:

    This one is hot hot hot … Hot bod , dick and face

  2. Looks like my friend..

    I hope it’s really him..

    #useless wish..#


  3. Nice show…….. very hot as always. Thanks for the link. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s video.

  4. nice . Thx

  5. cute

  6. fast to cum, but nice. :p

  7. eric east says:

    Very hot! Love it! Thanx 4 share!

  8. yummylicious! totally my dish. hoho~

  9. I like this. <3

  10. peerfect for my sexual fantasies.

  11. bigicecream says:

    oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. oh my god i thought ive seen this guy somewhere in town (singapore) before :O

  13. Is he the same guy in the short film “the anniversary” ?

  14. too short!!!

  15. bryansteel says:


  16. Hot Handsome Guy – looks great – but Cum too quickly ~ could have watched him for hours!

  17. Yhis is the way I like them….

  18. hot

  19. nice bod

  20. doc_strange says:

    thanks McFish.

  21. thailover says:

    Iterested to see him work harder in a longer clip!

  22. thanks a lot :)

  23. kevynonline says:

    Sexy beast!

  24. Quick cummer…

  25. Short lived, but the mown is good

  26. hot hot, thanks McFish!

  27. nice body on this boy…

    thanks mcfish!!! ;D

  28. Hot

  29. andy_kwan andy_kwan says:

    My boy,you’re so hot.

  30. Damned sexy!

  31. like this ^^ thank you McFish much

  32. qiaofagreen says:

    The audio made it so much sexier! Thanks Mr McFish, great clip!

  33. keenroyce says:


  34. gioachino says:


  35. nice dick

  36. vox_xxxtreme says:


  37. Beautiful beast hehehe Tks mcfish

  38. That was fast

  39. Simple n nice

  40. fireboymanila fireboymanila says:

    Oh yea. I wanna wake up in the morning with him on bed.

  41. ayokuzone3 says:

    hot guy and nice body

  42. give him to me XD

  43. dreammiin says:


  44. good

  45. nice body

  46. He’s hot…thanks for sharing, McFish!

  47. My god he is beautiful. I want him! ><

  48. great!

  49. badboi0202 says:

    Think he is Singaporean …….

  50. Sexy bod :D

  51. a must-have Asian boy toy…every gay household should have one…

  52. i cant register, help me, i dont know code

  53. Great clip but too quick.

  54. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  55. Whew !!!. Fast to the draw… T_T Me so likey :-D Tnx a lot McFish;-)

  56. I wanna feel he fuc*ing me

  57. can be done for 2 dollars. hahaha

  58. so hot.. :P

  59. deni_ardi says:

    he’s not my type. yet he’s attractive. :p

  60. iloveasians says:


  61. sorwiwat says:

    I love It. thanks a lot.

  62. cool, i love him

  63. samtom31 says:

    good but too bad the cum shot was blocked

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