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Hi a cute Asian boy jacking off on cam for today. The video is from a free webcam site

Doesn’t look like he cums much but I quite enjoy the video…cute face and nice body.

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McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. mc_flurry says:

    Whoa this one is cute and sexy

  2. Hooooooooot………!
    Awesome great thick dick on this cute little baby face boy
    Love him.
    Is my jerk off time now :)
    Mcfish thank you so much you have made my day ,
    Better yet my night
    Love you mcfish

  3. great video such a cutie

  4. Not bad. :p

  5. Is he Filipino?

  6. Looks cute, but cuter with the cap on

  7. Nice cock and cute face. Thanks McFish.

  8. so sexy,, ABSolutely

  9. tawny_owl says:

    Cute without doubt and he does cum well – eventually. The poor thing must be worn out after all that

  10. Yeah, he’s cute but super cuter with his cap on! ^^

  11. so young, so cute.

  12. interesting guy with nice dick.

  13. Not a Filipino coz he’s UNCUT…. Nevertheless the boy is hotttt!!!

  14. putra_gay says:

    cute, but not hot

  15. Great video. A cute boy with nice equipment. Love his facial expressions when he’s excited :-) Thanks McFish!

  16. love him..want to have him …YAM ….

  17. so cute!!!!!!
    thanks a lot :)

  18. I would be quite pleased if he’d shoot that in me.

  19. lopburi150 says:

    Good good

  20. lopburi150 says:


  21. Nice dick….

  22. Cute & huge.

  23. I wanna lick off the cum! :)

  24. Awww he’s adorable… Bf material! HaHA!

  25. Yes McFish he did cum I’ve watch the video and he cums on the last 1.29minute of the video..
    Thanks McFish..

    He’s super cute Thai Boy..

  26. I like it

  27. What a super nice dick! I don’t think his mama gave him any toys when he was a baby. Very cute!

  28. jaysonlyasianboys says:

    What a cutie! Gorgeous eye brows! I could watch a whole lot more of him.

  29. fireboymanila fireboymanila says:

    Cute and hot boy to jerk off with, chaturbinator.

  30. sleepy_zzz says:

    The way he fondle his dick is as if he is exploring a new toy for the first time.
    Super sexy

  31. hawkster873 says:

    Loves it!!

  32. nice

  33. Freshly picked! I love freshly cut boys. :)

  34. boy looks cute!

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  35. good boy!

  36. OMG my super crush!

  37. such a cutie! :D

  38. jessphoon says:


  39. procrapper says:


  40. asianhunk_69 says:

    He’s cute! And yes, he did cum.

  41. thanks!!

  42. juanjose023 says:

    Mmmmmm.. So cute and yummy! ; D

  43. Supercute boy! Beautiful chest, nipples and 6 pack. Love his facial expression with he cums and when he smiles.

  44. Pilipinas says:


  45. I want him.

  46. innocent looking boy and i like the redish cock. yummy

  47. The stuff that dreams are made of….nyc one thanks McFish

  48. another beautiful asian cummer, tnx

  49. Is he straight?

  50. He is a Filipino, only that he is uncut which is a Big NO for Filipinos. .

  51. he’s cute, n i like it!

  52. nice, nice

  53. Christopher says:

    cuteeee! love his facial expression haha!

  54. He is a Filipino, uncircumcise tho’. .

  55. So hot

  56. very hot boy i love the cumshot…. made me jackoff again. thanks mcfish…….

  57. sorwiwat says:

    I love it, thanks a lot.

  58. diegobogel says:

    either pinoy or thai

  59. jeremy lim says:

    Anyone knows him?

  60. It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  61. I know this guy and he told me to take it down cause he tried to report but it didn’t work. Could you please remove it? Thank you.

  62. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    looks cute

  63. he’s awesome <3

  64. Still my favorite


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