I’m back – Cute Asian Boy Jacking Off On Cam

Boys I’m finally back! It is so unfortunate having to come back to a real life. Hope everybody had a great holiday.

I’ve got an Asian boy jacking off on cam for today..not sure if I already posted this as I think I saw the clip a while ago..I tried to browse Only Asian Boys and didn’t see it.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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I'm back - Cute Asian Boy Jacking Off On Cam, 6.9 out of 10 based on 219 ratings


  1. tawny_owl says

    a cutie for sure – just a shame about the intrusive mop up tissue.
    happy new year mcfish and may your splendid offerings long continue.

  2. krebs2012 says

    CuteBoy indeed!!! Needing a placemat in anticipation of a forthcoming orgasm….. Very neat and proper!!!
    Hehehehe….. Luv it…. 😛

  3. zak21zak21 says

    he looks nice… wish there was more emotion on his face though…

    but nice body i have to say.

    thanks mcfish! welcome back! ;D

  4. manjalteng says

    When I masturbate, I have the same technique for clean up too!! Although I don’t use as much and only if I’m laying in bed.

  5. J J says

    He is so cute. Nice body. Love his big nipples, and sexy treasure trail. I don’t know why he bothered with the cum mat, I would gladly lick him clean.

  6. jase says

    Hot body but he’s way too bored and clinical (pre-cum tissue application) for my taste. I like my men messy and expressive.

  7. hornyme says

    No doubts abt this guy though stern looking. Great vid. Welcome back and Happy New year for much great job McFish.

  8. lemery80 says

    He is absolutey gorgeous and very hot. Yummy.! I could have eat all ..what a waste..hmmm. Welcome back Mcfish!

  9. bagani says

    i luv this guy, next time he has an erection he can contact me so i can do all the work for him – he doesn’t need the tissue. thanks, mcfish, for this holiday gift, happy new year, mcfish, and more good vids to come (pun intended).

  10. fireboymanilafireboymanila says

    He looks hot and cite bit one thing is for sure he dont do dirty wild sex.. its okay he is cute and yummy.

  11. giffordp says

    Hot body, really cute face, nice happy trail and intense orgasm. All that tissue and he still shot beyond it!
    Great boy – worthy of a repost if he showed up in the past!

  12. jinbay says

    he should use more tissue to catch or the cum..or less! my mouth is at his service! thanks for the new years gift, our dear McFish!

  13. C says

    Here is a first-rate beautiful guy, which is something quite rare–we see hot guys, guys with muscles, cute guys, but a truly hot guy we don’t see here every day. This one–amazing eyes, hair, and the most delicious man’s chest I’ve seen in a long time. Wonderful cock too, he’s smart enough to tease us with the bulge in his shorts first, which is great, and amazing cumshot.

    But yeah, the tissue paper is stupid–we were cheated out of seeing all that cum land on his body. And yeah, he shows no feeling, even when cumming, and makes no eye contact. But–maybe that can improve. Can we have more of him? Please?

  14. jinelajinela says

    Now that is a feel good cumshot.
    Wish he didnt put the papers and can see how his cock pulsates while cumming.
    Oh yess. Thank you Mc Fisch

  15. harry87harry87 says

    this hottie seems familiar. not sure whether ive watched this clip before or not. but im dloading it again anyway. thanks for this cute and hot sharing yea mc fish! 😀

  16. says

    Oh so good ! I wanna to suck his dick and fuck with him . I want to making love with him too and eating his cums . I going to masterbation now.

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