Asian Bums

Hi there! Got some random Asian bums for today..the first one looks nice 😀

MCFish Loves Asian Boys

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Asian Bums, 5.5 out of 10 based on 117 ratings


  1. anonymous says

    JLo will be sweating in her panties when she finds out she got competition in the best apple bottom category. JLo replied, but can they sing and wiggle like me?

  2. Christopher says

    1. smooth and lovely
    2. more into the front (mirror image)
    3. not bad!
    4. Sorry, not into tats
    5. Sexy pose
    6. nice suspense in reveal, hot
    7 & 8. ok..
    Overall, love 2 and 6!

  3. manjalteng says

    1 is ok. Love the ass but not the face.
    4 is good. Tattoo is questionable.
    7 is nice and bubbly.
    9 is a nice ending.. Spread it baby ;]
    But 5.. My heart skipped a beat! :3

  4. zak21zak21 says

    1… wanna bite that ass! WHEW!
    4…. nice tats (sorry thats what i saw first)
    5… cutie! (i know i am subscribed to this guy’s blog. ;D)
    7… bubble butt! YUM!
    9… the dick got me more than the ass…

    thanks mcfish! ;D

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